Aerosoft Simple Traffic - Terrible news

That’s really a bummer :frowning:

You can build conspiracy theories from your couch. But I would not rush to draw conclusions. Nevertheless, the simulator has become better for me in terms of the graphical component. Well, yes, there are a lot of problems, but let’s compare this with Robert Cosmos, who just ■■■■■■ his clients in the ■■■ and after many years they still do not have normal optimization. That’s who should be judged by the law and not Asobo. Any grandiose project is always a lot of mistakes, compromises and problems. I think we were ready for this. Do not forget that money for them will always be more important than your wishes.

Never said the problem was with the DC-6…

PMDG posted on their forum they were not happy with the testing process and the changes made without notice. Which impacts all their work in progress and causes them to quickly have to re-test their existing products (such as the DC6)

Oh, sad to Hear, was looking forward to it.

Communication with partners is a bottleneck in the MS FS 2020 company. There are probably a lot of unresolved issues here. But it seems to me that they are focused on getting the perfect simulator core first. I think that the release of addons is still too early. The problem is that they don’t notify their development partners.

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They dont have “issues”. They just have to adapt to the core changes made in the sim. The problem they have now is acknowledged by ASOBO and is confirmed to be fixed in a further update. PMDG just doesnt like to rush out updates that are not entirely tested. What is a good thing, but the “issue” they have is already fixed, but not yet implemented in the Sim.

Issues are to expect with such drastical changes that were introduced with SU5. Not every AddOn is affected and the most who were, have updated already.

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Dang. That’s extremely telling and frustrating. I know I was excited for this aerosoft mod.

Hope Asobo can figure something out to help 3rd parties with sim Updates. Not sure how this can be a long term positive if they’re left in the dark.

Then fix the bloody lights!

I wasn’t hyped for the product but this situation shows how annoying it must be for devs if Asobo is constantly changing the environment. Now after SU5 the devs are fixing liveries, airplanes, weather mods ect.

Imagine we would be already 5 years into MSFS, have a ton of mods and Asobo keeps breaking stuff.

This is the reason I stopped my game pass (and of course didn’t buy MSFS). Asobo and MS is telling people what they want to hear, but doing just the opposite. And at this point, I don’t trust them anymore.


I actual have no idea what Aerosoft is doing there, but I have only a few problems with AI at the moment, and since they are using the default glTF models there should be no issue at all (CTD).

I wonder what files they try to use… becuase the generic airplanes they use are still “open”

Fot the users looking forward to 3rd party AI (payware/freeware): There is currently no reason to stop any development for developers! Yes SU5 throw in a few stones in our way, but they are identified and are actual quite easy to deal with.

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It´s a typical Aerosoft-Fail as usual. They claim since decades that they are working closely with the manufacturer of (insert favourite simulation here) and at the end they produce cheapware that´s not worth a single cent. Exception are and have ever been some airports. All the rest is amateur stuff and is mostly sold by good marketing, not because they produce good software.

A problem that most of the developers have since a couple of years. I dont know why but the flight simulator addon market seems to be an easy market for amateurs to make money with non finished products.


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With a heavy heart I share this news:

Ouch ouch… ouch.
No bueno. :pensive:

Well,there could be light on the horizon…

From the Aerosoft Staff: “Standby friends, resque parties are on the way!”

Link: What airlines are included? - Simple Traffic - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

We will see…


So the link to the article is gone. I don’t understand the issue with “encrypted” AI files? Just because compiled AI files may be encrypted, it doesn’t mean users can’t create and distribute AI flight plans and models.

For instance, Asobo is currently suggesting Living World Config files be compiled into SPB format (but didn’t say why). But, XML format still works if that’s the format you want to use.

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