Aerosoft Simple Traffic - Terrible news

I just got this sad information …


Dude, for one moment i tought its about the CRJ :astonished::grimacing:
Luckily not. Sad for this guy, even if i was not interested in that product. I just hope it doesnt affect other AI work…

Shame - I was looking forward to it, and then a better AI to follow.

Well, that’s … hmmm… intersting. I thought Aerosoft is a pertner of Asobo somehow?


Encrypted traffic files will put an end to the freeware AI programs as well i’m afraid

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Well, Microsoft, these are ordinary capitalists. At the moment, they are interested in the Xbox financial flow model, and not the development of third-party studios, and not the problems of users of PC versions. The main thing is to tear off the money as soon as possible.


Maybe the encryption just means that they are working on improving the AI traffic? We know that AIG had a few meetings with Jorg.

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Depends on what files are getting encrypted. I havent checked. He did not mention.

That’s unfortunate. And understandable. And I’m surprised there are as many 3rd party developers as there are. Every update seems to break the work gone into them. Or in this case, kill a project before it gets off the ground.

If traffic is indeed encrypted, I’m hoping that doesn’t discount a new traffic file to be injected. Otherwise, we could be stuck with the ‘less than adequate’ AI we have now.

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We know that asobo already has better models done for the ai traffic or are implementing the ones from AIG. So that could indeed be the reason for encryption, as they are copyrighted.

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After one year of MSFS, it is clear that we are dealing with a perpetually moving target. This truly makes it exceptionally difficult for third-party developers. With the release of the Xbox version, we almost have to consider that we have gone back to the drawing board with a totally new simulator. It will be interesting to revisit this a year from now and see if we have a stable platform, a full SDK, and a sense of confidence on the part of third-party developers. At least in the old days when I owned a third-party company, we only had to worry about Microsoft changing it every couple of years. Even then, it was a massive stress to try to keep up with changes.


Yeah. They mentioned something about working on that in the last Q&A. Didn’t they say something like 80 percent of all the planes are modeled already but not in the sim yet?

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Do we have any now (I mean after SU5)…? I put on ‘Offline A.I. Traffic’ since the latest update, but I’ve seen none. SU4 was getting better with the A.I. Traffic and I would regularly see some activity, especially around major hubs .Now I seem to have returned to an empty world again.

It’s like in the case of Japan. Microsoft focused on new customers from Japan, but ignored the problems and errors that those who bought it had. Now, too. Of course, everything will be fixed, and I am sure that the Aerosoft projects will continue their work. It’s just not very relevant for Microsoft, it’s important for them to launch xbox sales and attract funds from new customers. Money is above all for them. At the expense of Especially, - the guys are trying their best. But they can’t regulate the business model. They are just developers. And, most likely, Microsoft acts in this situation as a dictator over them. They do everything they are told. I can only wish patience to the developers, over their owners, who are powerful to the point of money.

Well, yes. There is a very good mod around that covers almost every airframe and livery over the world and replaces the generic models in live traffic. Unfortunately, the creators just took every FSX freeware AI model and livery without asking for permission. The result is basically all that we want, but its not „legal“. But its out there, just not anymore to find on the popular freeware sites.

The best business in the world: make an attractive product. Then, once the money is earned, ignore the large minorities.
You can no longer do anything, just stop using it or accept what you have.
I switched from prepar3d to MSFS because of the quality of the clouds, the photorealistic scenery and the magnificent air traffic they advertised.
The clouds are now more schematic. The photorealistic setting is fine. Air traffic has never existed. It has always been ■■■■.
But you have to speak out, say it out loud, because we are users and buyers, and although 6 million users do not write in a forum, that does not mean that they are not dissatisfied.
MSFS is a good product, but they screw up those who make them better and do not provide money to the company.
This is so until another simulator comes out, which is being created in Japan. :slight_smile:


Surely they have asked Asobo the reason why they are now encrypted? Not sure what to think but maybe there is a valid reason. If not then it would also hurt the freeware offerings that may have also used the same files. Hard to know when you don’t have the full picture.

I doubt it, Asobo has been real quiet lately.

They have also made a lot of changes under the radar they havent communicated at all, hence why large part of the PC community is annoyed atm :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: PMDG also has posted they have issues with SU5

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the dc-6 works fine, no issues.