Aerosoft Twin Otter baby!

It’s called marketing. They can call it pretty much whatever standard they like.

I once made a complaint to advertising standards authority about an item of clothing I had bought online that had been described as “luxury material” and turned out to be complete garbage quality. They threw my complaint out and told me that, whilst they understood my point of view, the term “quality” is subjective, and therefore the vendor had done nothing wrong.

Same deal.

edit: Just want to make clear that I have no complaints about the Twotter - though I don’t fly so much these days.

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I would hold off on buying the Twotter for a couple of reasons.
First, we were told that the sound issues would be addressed. We are still waiting on that.
Second, as @EdamllamaB mentioned, the goal posts have moved since it’s release. Newer releases offer you much more for your money.
The big reason that I see as to why the Twotter is still attractive is that it is a superb and versatile aircraft in real life. The aircraft and its capabilities would lend itself to a wonderful experience in the sim. It is the perfect machine for many different roles.
Unfortunately, the modeled aircraft that you can purchase now just doesn’t match expectations in its current form. Some users are not bothered by the issues and that is great for them, but others would like to see the module brought up to a higher standard in order for us to really experience this aircraft in the way that we can experience the Kodiak for example.
With so many outstanding aircraft coming at us now, we are fortunate that we don’t have to make as many compromises as we did before and I personally believe that the pressure is on for developers to raise the quality of their product to keep up with current trends across the market.


Thanks for that, and yeah. After what AS has done with the CRJ, i will definitely not buy from AS till they really deliver a fully patched aircraft that lives up to the standars we are used to today.

I dont care if they dont aim at the “hardcore simmmers”, they dont need to, but they have taken a few too many shortcuts on the CRJ and the state it is in, is not okey… for a product they say themself, is “the best selling Aerosoft AddOn ever.”

Thats just not okey, to leave it in an unfinished state for over half a year without any updates. So, it looks like the Twotter have similar issues, and they are already working on Airbusses and Hans on the Asobo ATR… make less, but do it right.


Yes I bought the Twin Otter yesterday. I think that the aircraft looks cool and that it flies right … but wow the sound are A T R O C I O U S. It feels like they stacked .wav file in a first in first out list.

I am quite disappointed considering the price of the aircraft. I was pleasantly surprised by the Flysimware Cessna 414, which is still in BETA, and in way better shape than the otter and less expensive. Also fell in love with the 15$ Gruemman Goose.

But the Twin Otter does not cut it at this price.

I wish that Aerosoft will fix this. The aircraft is parked for on. I will be more careful for now on before getting aircraft from them.


Its a shame when it comes to a point where it would be more of a surprise if Aerosoft actually released an update to fix something obviously sub par like the sound. I understand if their policy isnt full featured, high fidelity products, but at the very least, get right the features you do want to develop.
Thankfully there are other companies with great products who seem to have higher standards, so no great loss if Aerosoft cant get their act together.


You are right. And even there, the people who are buying “not high fidelity” product are usually interested in the general look & feel of the aircraft while overlooking every little switch details. So good sounds is mostly what this market is looking for.