Aerosoft Twin Otter baby!

You are right , Aerosoft can do whatever they want … and how is that working out for them ?

It seems they’re quite happy to do so.


And that is perhaps the saddest aspect of all of this, they just don’t seem to care what a good chunk of the community thinks of them. So I will vote with my wallet.

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I haven’t seen any apologies yet…

I’m certainly not a know-it-all—I’m a pretty dumb dude—but I know that there is nothing illegal about modding a .cfg file. And I don’t like a developer bullying a user. Also, it’s ironic you mention AVSIM, since the mods over there locked the Twotter thread in order to defend Aerosoft lol

EDIT: here’s the thing: if Aerosoft said from the start something like, “We’re not comfortable with users modifying and redistributing this one text file for any reason, please don’t do it!” they’d still get a befuddled reaction but there’d be less outrage. Instead, they accused the community of breaking the law and pretended lawyers were involved! For doing the same thing Aerosoft did in the first place—copy and paste text and then edit certain values.

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It would be nice if people would take this whole sim and everything around it a bit (actually quite a bit) lighter. Stopped with all the bullying back and forth. There is enough hatred in this world, which we can clearly see these days unfortunately.

Of course you can say that you disagree, but this forum is more and more getting just as toxic as avsim. Where is the nuance? Why the need to be so agressive and absolutely black and white towards AS or even their spokesman MK in person?

Just take it easy. Disagree with what they did and move on with your life.


Absolutely…give it a break folks.


I never said you were. Actually my OP was not a personal attack just a general sentiment about how many posters behave on Flight Sim Forums in general. I just pointed out if one doesn’t like the product don’t buy it.

That is of course an option, but a somewhat pointless statement. The issue affects those that have already bought it, and now can no longer access a mod that corrected the behaviour of the aircraft in several areas.

Worse, the changes made were never documented that I know of, so we couldn’t even manually make the changes if we wanted to.

I thought CCM (cpmoustache) had opened a Discord server where you could pm him for a copy?
If anyone’s that bothered, I have the latest version and they can pm me!

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That’s a good point. I didn’t have the latest mod, but I did have the last Kodiak mod AFAIK, and was happy to do the same for others.

This thread is really only about one thing nowadays. Sad!

Aerosoft Twin Otter dead baby?


OK here’s a mod for you in the Aerosoft-approved format.
It stops the Decision Height gauge needle from disappearing when you climb above 2,500ft:

Go to: Community\aerosoft-aircraft-twin-otter\SimObjects\Airplanes\AS_Aircraft_DHC6_Common\ModelBehaviorDefs
and open the DHC6_Templates_Instruments.xml file with Notepad or Notepad++.
Search for “DHC6_Radio_Altimeter_Template”.
Scroll down to the line: <REF_VALUE_10>3000</REF_VALUE_10> and delete it.
The section below this is the “DHC6_Decision_Height_Template”.
In this section, also change the line: <MAX_DISPLAYABLE>3000</MAX_DISPLAYABLE>
then scroll down to the line: <REF_VALUE_10>3000</REF_VALUE_10> and delete it.
Save and close the file.

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We’re talking about the plane and right now the big news about the plane is a popular mod was taken offline. No one is being bullied or attacked in this thread.

That could be scriptable, of course, after first making backups of files to be modified.

It does kind of make that addon linker software pointless at this point, which is a great way of toggling addons on or off.

But I would still find it hard to trust the motivations of a developer that has behaved this way to its customers. I wish them luck with whatever project they push out after this.

True, but not be me - I know NOTHING about scripting! It would also antagonise Aerosoft’s legal department of course…

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No, writing your own scripts is nothing to do with Aerosoft thankfully, and I would gladly go to court to face them down over that. I don’t think even they are that arrogant.

If you had CCM’s latest mods, could you script them by any chance?


In essence you would be doing a few things. Getting the content of the file into a variable, searching for a string in that variable, and replacing it with another, then writing out the contents to the original file.

If you want an excellent example of how that might work, take a look at the work done by @anon50268670 in this thread: