Aerosoft Twin Otter update released today...Content Manager Issue?

Aerosoft issued 1.0.1 update today. When I look at my Content Manager is shows my installed version as 1.0.1 and no update available. I have not had any updates to this plane since original purchase.

Appears to be a problem here…

The first mistake you can make in the in-game store is to buy from the in-game store. You need some patience until the update makes it through the review process.



Unless you are on XBOX or buying from someone like Carenado who only deals with the Marketplace, purchase your third party content elsewhere so you get access to the releases and updates right away.

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Yes there are issues at MS.
See this link

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Wrong. Buying from the store is safe and easy. I did get the update… and if I could rate the Twin Otter 6 Stars I would.


What Update?? How and where did you get it?? Seems that if an update is available all customers should be informed.


I didn’t notice but my version was updated too. And looks fine. (PC version)

Are you sure noting changed?

This are the changes:


  • Added: GPWS Inhibit switch
  • Fixed: Torque link on -300 Cargo 4-Blade nose gear
  • Fixed: Changed Elevator and aileron simvars to those that work in multiplayer
  • Added: Wing lights
  • Fixed: Control lock variable reversed for multiplayer compatibility
  • Fixed: Rework and volume balancing of external sounds
  • Fixed: Rework and volume balancing of internal sounds
  • Fixed: Autopilot losing altitude in ALT HOLD mode
  • Fixed: Autopilot losing altitude in GS HOLD mode
  • Fixed: Elevator and rudder trim knob animations now react to control input. Sounds added
  • Fixed: Exterior view engine instruments
  • Fixed: Missing performance data in aircraft selection window
  • Fixed: Toned down wind sound at rear door when aircraft is not moving and wind is not storm strength
  • Fixed: Boost pump annunciator condition
  • Fixed: Volts indicator now shows 0V when generators are off
  • Fixed: CDI Needles jumping from side to side while flying a FROM radial
  • Fixed: Missing needle arrow in copilot HSI
  • Fixed: NAV/HDG flags over heading bug and needle in both HSIs
  • Fixed: Separated GNS530/430, Autopilot, Transponder and ADF from Copilot dimmer
  • Fixed: Propeller De-Ice now works for both propellers
  • Fixed: Intake Anti-Ice now works for both engines
  • Fixed: Increased volume of GPWS glide slope callouts
  • Fixed: HSI knob not turning
  • Fixed: Gaps in the ceilingn near front cabin wall

Nothing changed with mine. It’s still running the old version 1.0. I know because I was a major complainer to Aerosoft about the sound issues.

All issues are GREEN now and version/update issue still exists.

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I think mine changed. “Fixed: Volts indicator now shows 0V when generators are off” when I turn off the generators shows 0V on panel, and I see “Wing lights”.

But, to be honest, I can`t remember before.

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I noticed in Steam that there was a small update for FS2020 - about 87kB I think.

The content manager only showed 3 Carenado updates, but like you, I checked the Twotter and it showed as 1.0.1 - no update required. I checked in the manifest.json for the Twotter and it showed as 1.0.1 - so I’m guessing it was in the Steam side update. Only required a minor edit of the config, so wouldn’t be impossible.

Are you sure? I had to download a big file in the Aerosoft One installer to get 1.01.

If you have 1.01, that is the updated version.
See this link.

Afraid not. None of the items listed as fixed or added are reflected in the 1.0.1 version I have. I’m not sure what the issue is but what is on Microsoft right now is NOT the updated version.

I have never had a plane be automatically updated in my Content Manager. I have done NO updates. My version shows 1.0.1 which is quite confusing.

It will work itself out shortly I assume.

Yeah, I’m not sure what is going on, but according to Matthias at Aerosoft, 1.01 is the updated version.
When I noticed that’s what you had, I thought I should forward the link above.
DId you check to see if any of the listed patched items were corrected in your version.
It may have happened in the “Checking for Updates” screen when the sim starts.

If not, what you could try is to uninstall the version you have via the content manager, then reinstall it.
That way you should be downloading the latest version, which hopefully will be 1.01 with all the updates

Lol…removed and reinstalled already. NO DIFFERENCE. If you look at the info button for the plane in Content Manager it has no update information, and Aerosoft always adds this info with updates.

I think there is some confusion with versions, this happened once with the CRJ.

Someone will wake up hopefully this week and fix it.

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Do marketplace bought planes not come with a sounds.xml file? I bring that up as I was exploring this FSX sound replacement mod and noticed my marketplace Twotter did not have that file. Just curious.

I guess you can check easily
One of the fixes is

Missing performance data in aircraft selection window

So if you have performance data in the selection window you have the update.

Doesn’t look like they fixed wing deice

edit: okay, it definitely has not been updated!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before (I guess cos I believed what it was telling me in the text) but I checked the last modified date - which was the same as the date of installation - 21st January.

No testing necessary!

(this is the marketplace version, of course)