AFC Bridge error using Honeycomb Bravo

Hello, I have finally received my Bravo throttle and have been able to set it all up including the lights working using the software provided by Aerosoft v1002 which I downloaded from Honeycomb site. I have completed some test flights and all was going well but now getting CTDs with this error:

Anyone else getting this error? I could try reinstalling the driver software but curious why this is happening?

Thanks for the link. I thought this error was related to the Bravo LED light fix but I guess not. I don’t know what AFC Bridge is (the first time I ever saw this was a folder named AFC Bridge in my Community folder after installing the Bravo LED light fix). Anyways, hope this gets resolved soon as mentioned in the linked SimConnect post.

Hi - mine does seem to be related - I stopped importing LNM flight plans to test it out, only made the flight plan within the sim, and keep LNM closed - had quite a few CTDs in last 3-4 days, with no LNM interaction or usage. I think it is clearly the AFC Bridge myself as that is the only thing that Simconnect would be dealing with - I also have no liveries, no freeware aircraft and just 2 freeware airports in the community folder. Prior to this I have only ever had CTDs in about 4 multiplayer sessions so since getting the throttle quad, and installing the drivers for the lights - it has been happening a lot for me.

I have to say that this is nothing to do with littlenav since I have used lots of their plans with and without origin or destination points and all work perfectly.

Hi guys,

just to let you know that this is indeed something that is happening within MSFS, not something we can fix in the LED driver application. Like indicated here.


Still getting this error. Does anyone have any solution to it? Do we know if this will be fixed in sim update 3?

have the same questions to the above poster has anyone managed to fix this? - I started getting this error in January (just for the 747) then it went away - now started getting it again! with other plane types - interesting presumption was always that it was related to the Bravo throttle - now there seems to be threads suggesting it might be Little Nav Map related (which I also run!)