The Airport anda secnery in africa are forget by MS


Hopefully, somewhere off in the distant future, Africa (along with India and SE Asia - and S. America) will all get some love from the developers.

MSFS 2020’s world map tells its own story. Just look where the pins are. And where they are not.

I believe it’s not so much a matter of forgetting, but a matter of available data. Yes, there could be more POIs, but the rest depends on aerial imagery for the ground textures. And photogrammetry requires special aerial photography from different angles to calculate the 3D model of a city. All of which is more available in denser populated areas.

Getting the required data of course is also a matter of cost, because you have to hire pilots and photographers to collect that data before you can even start processing it.

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I appreciate your points and I know the developers would like to update more areas of the globe. The picture at the moment is, however, unavoidably in favour of N. America and Europe (although kudos for the Japan update), with Scandinavia (more Europe, in other words) to follow next.

At this stage, and to avoid unnecessary delays, I’d willingly forgo POI’s, in favour of cleaner Bing satellite imagery and some water masks for the territories I mentioned. Anything, really.


I guess it’s all down to expectations, but really enjoying my world tour which happens to be over Africa right now with some stunning images

Heading to Timbuktu (or Tombouctou I think locally) next

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The Eye of Africa is stunning in VR, i flew up to about 14,000ft and dropped down to land right in the middle, some of the cliff edges are superb and the whole impact/geology of the Eye is incredible. Well worth a visit

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Hi there,

For missing airports, check this topic to see if it has been reported before:

If is not listed, please report any missing airports to Zendesk. You can create a new ticket by clicking the “Submit a Request” link on Zendesk’s navbar.

After reporting to Zendesk, then add the airport to this topic:

You do have THIS available for Africa…

Glad you mentioned it. I’m on a world tour now and will make it a point to see that. I’ve never heard of it before.

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yeah africa does look a bit weird sometimes… this is over the namib desert…

Everything below equator line was forget by MS/Asobo

Not really. You notice the faults in the areas you fly in. You can see the same sort of defects in North America and Europe as well.

Another thing to bear in mind, Africa is huge. It is easily more than double the size of all of the world updates put together that we’ve had so far…

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Did you see my post above? Just not true

I suspect (and hope) they will get to the Southern Hemisphere eventually.

On a side note, as I’m doing my world tour I started wondering how the hemispheres compare in land area and population. The sources vary a lot but ballpark, the North has over 2/3 of the Earth’s land area and 90% of the population.

Flew a couple flights cross Africa with the Longitude and, yup, its huge.
Sahara is beautiful, but gawd its huge.

It’s more the middle that has very bad data. From Victoria falls to South Sudan and to the west from there

Olugundu, Nigeria

Konima, Cote d’Ivoire

Tchien Tapeta, Nigeria


Bata, Equatorial Guinea



South Sudan

Africa is not alone though

Europe Alps


Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon (left is Bing, nothing to see in game)

Rivers in China

Yukon, Canada

Central America, finally found a water mask, however



Far North (Siberia, Nunavut, Greenland) and Antarctica are a mess as well. But you can fly everywhere! (can’t land at the poles though, terrain stops at 85 degrees)

Not much Asobo can do, garbage in, garbage out. Bing needs to step up.

Way better than FSX. You should have seen FS1. lmao

Satillite data and the age of that data. Those pins represents more and recent sat data, simple. No hidden secret North America has the most data. I have personnally pass the Google car taking photos and looking to see if I have been on any. Traffic cams, weather cams, police cams, cellphones and many more in North America. Cities get more love than the countryside, why?. They have more data availiable.

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You do know that Afirca, The Mother Land, is BIG. Not to much satillite data of deserts and bushes out in the wild. I would say some of the sat data is probally from oilers looking for oil. I would not pay the price for sat pics of Africa without a payoff or advantage of some kind. Sat time is expensive.