After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

The only fix to this, at least for me, it’s accessing the Copilot freature, set a destination and then cancel it.


Never used this feature, where is this ?

It’s the top menu option, with the pilot cap icon. When you access it and there’s a airport, POI or a city nearby you can set this is a destination. I just set this destination and cancel. Like magic the FPS come back to the normal.

Unfortunately sometimes I’m not in computer when the fps drops and I got CTD before could save it.

The downside of this is that you have to be nearby some destination. That’s a annoying for the one that like long hauls.


Anything new on this issue? I have quit simming months ago because of this major issue, but it’s still not fixed, is it?

so guys after a bit of experementing i found that setting a destination for the atc ai helps a little bit ( i in am SU9 Beta ) for my oppionion i get the degredation regardless of moving or not but i noticed the following: if u have lots of trafic going inside your home network like QOS appications ( Audio protocolls over network, NDI Video streams, or even a youtube or twitch livestream) The sim will Stutter much more frequently and the fps degradation happens even faster. when it so happens that have just like me multiple Network interface Wifi Lan Virtualbox lans VPNs Bluetooth. the degradation happens even faster. And data flowing in and out of the sim ( Like our beloved FBW 320x) increase at least the speed of degredation even more

Setup: i9-9900K
64GB Ram
MSFS Installed on a Sata SSD


Has anyone having this issue tested this NDU thing that was shared on this topic: Increase performances immediatly! AMAZING! Tested and aprouved! ?

I’m going to try on my next long haul, unfortunately that will be perhaps only tomorrow or the next day. Once I’m able to test it, I’ll share if made any difference at all.

Already change it…stil frame drops here.


dosnt help i found this 2 weeks ago



I had the same main thread problem. In the meantime I have been able to fix it. The culprit was the FSUIPC7. This was detected as a virus by Microsoft Defender. Also the Xbox toolbar played a role. My steps were:

  1. I deactivated the xbox toolbar in the Windows settings.

  2. I removed the FSUIPC7.exe from the virus scan, as well as the FSUIPC7.bat file. since then the MSFS2020 runs as usual without performance drops over time.

  3. I deactivated photogrammetry

The next test will be with photogrammetry on.

Maybe it helps you further.

Just to confirm you are referring to this option here?

i dont have fsuipc installed i test now with the game bar deactivatet

That is Confirmed

Roger. I have tried another fix I saw regarding an NDU thing, link here:

And see if the performance changes at all. Also, I am running FSUIPC, added to the AV exceptions. Gonna be back with the results!

I hope it works. I tested it on several flights with more than 3 hours. On my pc the degradation startet between 1.5 and 2 hours airtime.

Here’s my checklist:

  • Removed add-ons that I wasn’t using (an airbus chopper and YourControls)
  • Added FSUIPC.exe MSFS.bat and the entire FSUIPC folder on WindowsAntiVirus exceptions
  • Turned off X-BOX Game Bar

I will now be running the FlyByWire A320 Experimental versioning attached (FYI, never had issues prior to 3 days ago, was on FBW dev which didn’t have any updates at the time and have issues with vanilla aircraft too)

I already see a improvement if you can call that even, the FPS counter is now green, not red. image

I will start my typical flight. LGAV → EGLL


Usually, I go Low-Frames-To-Death around 1.5-2 hours in the air. Going to report my findings then.

YourControls and ToolbarPushback are known to have “possible” memory leak which causes FPS degradation over time.

Noted. So far performance is fine, as before.

Kinda bummed out I can not use the Xbox bar as now I can not take high-quality screenshots. Currently in the sky, if nothing has changed after disabling things, I should start seeing performance drops in the next hour.

as i am happen to have a fast degredation i can tell disabling game bar dosnt have much effect in cockpit view but the degradation stops in outside view but returns when switching back to cockpit view

but the degredation returns when going back to inside view

Have enabled the wasm in the developermode? I have both on. Its Important for glass Cockpits like fbw