After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

what is your RAM and GPU Memory doing? Maxed out?

I restarted the game after I finished my trip now fps is back to normal…weird

If you were asking me nothing was maxed out everything was like my pc wasn’t even trying to run the game like 5% cpu 3% gpu minimal ram usage

But the memory allocation? There have been some bugs with VRAM and/or Memory being full which in turn causes the GPU/CPU to ■■■■ out.

In my case VRAM usage was very low from the dev fps window, although it was almost maxed out when looking at the task manager

Thank you for your reply.
The the RAM was running at 50% throughout the session.
The significant observation was that the GPU throttled back from 100%. The GPU management system was set to “turbo - game”, as setting the GPU management system does give a similar result if set to “office - quiet fan” mode.

The Max out of the GPU does not bother me as it supplies an appropriate frame rate. What bothers me is the throttling back of the GPU to 20%. i have the latest drivers, and Nvidia manage this on my behalf.

I note that Zilla076469 stated that when the game was restarted, the FPS was back to normal. I found this too. Like Zilla076469, I also found that resetting the graphics quality from anything from low-end to ultra, made no difference to the low frame rate, once low frame rate was established.

Wow. Your cpu is getting hammered! When in task manager, what processes were consuming cpu?

FlightSimulator.exe :slight_smile:

I have a 5900x + 3080 and normally run at 50+ fps

It seems that the problem of FPS degradation is if the arrival airport has a non default scenery.

For exemple I made a flight to Digital Design Salzburg, FPS were not good on arrival, starting a new flight from this location all was perfect.

I made another flight from KSFO default to Burbank Orbx, FPS were not good on arrival, all was perfectly fine if I started a new flight from this place …

Have a nice day.

Yeah, I wish someone from Asobo would explain why this happens: that FPS are good if you start at a particular airport, but are degraded when you arrive after a flight. Or, if you reload the flight at the same gate, same environmental conditions, that the fps shoots back up to normal.


I flew from Paris to KBOS yesterday in real time, no fps loss using non default scenery in Boston.

I am taking a break from MSFS until this issue has been fixed.


Understandable, however there are too many other things I love about the sim to stop using it completely. I may get to a point where I shelve it, but not quite there yet.

You know, I was thinking about how ridiculous it is that my GPU will run at 100% in the main menu, or marketplace or in the world map, but it practically goes to sleep when it’s really needed - in flight. Both my CPU cores and GPU are running at about 1/3 their capability at cruise altitude and it’s jerky as hell panning around. WHY will it use my PC resources when I least need them and ■■■■ out when I do. As mentioned before, if I run a benchmark, CPU and GPU will run at 100%. I feel like I wasted my money building this rig for FS. :frowning:


After 2 months of a complete break from this sim and I think two new SU and one WU I tried the sim again today. Unbelievable that the CTDs and Lagging is still an issue after they have stated to be working on it for the last updates already. Only thing I noticed was that the graphics got drastically worse while not saving any load and we still have same performance penalties like before.

It seems to me that going short to medium range with a max. of about 3 - 3.5 hours flight time is fine but everything above impossible. Just tried a long-haul with the a320 neo and after approx. 4 hours it started with lagging voices from atc, lagging sound from engines, stuttering world, fps drop from 40fps to < 10 and here we are CTD.

Checked the system as I noticed those typical omens we all know very well by now and everything looked fine. Only thing noticable was that only one cpu core is fully exhausted while others are not - which has also been discussed a lot here. It is just frustrating if only thing possible seems to be bush pilot missions with a light aircraft for 1 or 2 hours but no airliner missions possible after 2 years - what a shame.

Think I will leave it for good some more months but I doubt it will ever change and finally work


Hmm interesting played around a bit more and saw this when CTD happened - GPU hit spikes and then MSFS quit.

This sim seems to be rapidly falling apart. On my flight today - which I ended up shutting down, my performance sucked (CPU operating at about 30% and GPU at 40 - 50%, stuttery), several extreme wind changes that resulted in blowing altitude restrictions, and the topper - lost ATC. One day you’ll have a good flight, but the next it’s complete garbage. Zero consistency and makes me think twice before even bothering to start the program.


“there is no xbox downgrade…”
while there’s a ton of proof there is. One must love the marketing bla bla, clouds look way worse, trees as well, repeating patterns everywhere in those.
cloud distance got reduced as well vegetation and night lighting. It’s all in a Xmiles radius around the plane and beyond that it’s all FSX.

after a 1,5h flight, barely managed to land.
CPU at 13% GPU at 25-32%


Stability…? this is the word the devs have chosen? Please, with almost 3000 comments and 1000 votes for this topic, i have lost all doubts. FPS degradation on long haul flights will NEVER be fixed. This problem dates back almost 2 years, yet here we come with another World Update


766 votes since August 21. Likely many who voted never removed their vote after it was fixed for them, same goes for comments. I had also at some point this issue but on my end it was fixed so I removed my vote again :wink: so it’s not fixed for you by now which is sad but that’s not the truth for all users.

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