After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

Everyone please look at the date this thread was started, the first post. Then ask your self about response time. Also, pls see thread started on same fps drop topic, SpideryCupid123. Ive been sticking with mostly short hops in ga aircraft.

Exactly the same here. I had this issue back around last Christmas which suddenly resolved itself.
Now after installing the latest update, I’m back to 5-6 fpm after an hour’s use of the sim.

Totally bummed to have this issue return after six month’s troublefree flying.

Switching to developer mode was a game changer for me too. I was like right in the middle of a flight taking off, had just left the runway, turned on developer mode in my FPS just shot up. Ever since then I’ve been using developer mode

Hi, for what it’s worth, I’ve been joining the Amelia Earhart flights and not experienced degradation until I accidentally left live traffic on last night’s flight (not ideal having a virgin Atlantic flight whilst flying this era takes it away) and that was the first time I experienced this issue at the end of the 9hr flight was virtually unplayable it was that bad, longer flight tonight back with it off and all fine again, Not saying this is a fix, shouldn’t happen, but causation? Looks like it for myself at least… (Since the world update)

I managed to do a flight of 10 hours from LSGG to VRMM with the PMDG 737 without problem … so the conditions to have this problem happening seems to be quite complex …

I’m going to try again the LSGG - KSFO that had problems.

Have a nice day.

Just to say, after my severe fpm drop of a few days ago after installing the last updates, my subsequent sessions on the Sim are now back to normal, 55-65 fpm.

Fingers crossed going forward. :slight_smile:

There is hope, for SU10…

And in general, there’s a huge stability effort going on. There’s a new build internally with much better tracing. So we actually know what’s happening because it’s a very complicated product. So you need to actually have enough debug information to go find what the hell is going on. The team is, I would say probably 50% of the programmers are working on stability right now.

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Your experience is the same as mine, no issue until a few days ago. Now I cannot complete most flights in as there is a CTD after a few hours or FPS drops off the below 10.

I wonder if the performance degradation happens more often when flying over land than over sea… this could explain why some people doing oceanic flights are not experiencing it

I’m going to try a 4hrs flight to Tenerife from Heathrow and see what happens

I have the same problem. Start off at 25-30fps (I am happy with that). visual at the cost of performance. But after half an hour, down to 5-7fps. Looked at computer performance. At start computer performance 20%, GPU 100%. At end of game performance of CPU is 20%, GPU 20%. So room to spare. The game is not demanding full performance from the GPU. If it did then FPS would not be an issue.

Most of my flights were over ocean when I was having the loss of fps. Coincidentally they were to Tenerife and Lanzarote from Shannon, so I don’t think oceanic flights make any difference.

Have a similar issue, the game was working fine a day ago. Now 10 fps after 10 minutes of flying. Doesnt matter if I change the Resolution or Graphics fps stays at 20 max even at 720p. I9 9900kf 2080TI

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very interesting, my last case was 100% over land (LPPT to EDBB), which was ~3hrs, but I had it paused for a good hour and when unpaused it was basically a GIF :frowning:

what is your RAM and GPU Memory doing? Maxed out?

I restarted the game after I finished my trip now fps is back to normal…weird

If you were asking me nothing was maxed out everything was like my pc wasn’t even trying to run the game like 5% cpu 3% gpu minimal ram usage

But the memory allocation? There have been some bugs with VRAM and/or Memory being full which in turn causes the GPU/CPU to ■■■■ out.

In my case VRAM usage was very low from the dev fps window, although it was almost maxed out when looking at the task manager

Thank you for your reply.
The the RAM was running at 50% throughout the session.
The significant observation was that the GPU throttled back from 100%. The GPU management system was set to “turbo - game”, as setting the GPU management system does give a similar result if set to “office - quiet fan” mode.

The Max out of the GPU does not bother me as it supplies an appropriate frame rate. What bothers me is the throttling back of the GPU to 20%. i have the latest drivers, and Nvidia manage this on my behalf.

I note that Zilla076469 stated that when the game was restarted, the FPS was back to normal. I found this too. Like Zilla076469, I also found that resetting the graphics quality from anything from low-end to ultra, made no difference to the low frame rate, once low frame rate was established.

Wow. Your cpu is getting hammered! When in task manager, what processes were consuming cpu?