After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

FlightSimulator.exe :slight_smile:

I have a 5900x + 3080 and normally run at 50+ fps

It seems that the problem of FPS degradation is if the arrival airport has a non default scenery.

For exemple I made a flight to Digital Design Salzburg, FPS were not good on arrival, starting a new flight from this location all was perfect.

I made another flight from KSFO default to Burbank Orbx, FPS were not good on arrival, all was perfectly fine if I started a new flight from this place …

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Yeah, I wish someone from Asobo would explain why this happens: that FPS are good if you start at a particular airport, but are degraded when you arrive after a flight. Or, if you reload the flight at the same gate, same environmental conditions, that the fps shoots back up to normal.


I flew from Paris to KBOS yesterday in real time, no fps loss using non default scenery in Boston.

I am taking a break from MSFS until this issue has been fixed.


Understandable, however there are too many other things I love about the sim to stop using it completely. I may get to a point where I shelve it, but not quite there yet.

You know, I was thinking about how ridiculous it is that my GPU will run at 100% in the main menu, or marketplace or in the world map, but it practically goes to sleep when it’s really needed - in flight. Both my CPU cores and GPU are running at about 1/3 their capability at cruise altitude and it’s jerky as hell panning around. WHY will it use my PC resources when I least need them and ■■■■ out when I do. As mentioned before, if I run a benchmark, CPU and GPU will run at 100%. I feel like I wasted my money building this rig for FS. :frowning:


After 2 months of a complete break from this sim and I think two new SU and one WU I tried the sim again today. Unbelievable that the CTDs and Lagging is still an issue after they have stated to be working on it for the last updates already. Only thing I noticed was that the graphics got drastically worse while not saving any load and we still have same performance penalties like before.

It seems to me that going short to medium range with a max. of about 3 - 3.5 hours flight time is fine but everything above impossible. Just tried a long-haul with the a320 neo and after approx. 4 hours it started with lagging voices from atc, lagging sound from engines, stuttering world, fps drop from 40fps to < 10 and here we are CTD.

Checked the system as I noticed those typical omens we all know very well by now and everything looked fine. Only thing noticable was that only one cpu core is fully exhausted while others are not - which has also been discussed a lot here. It is just frustrating if only thing possible seems to be bush pilot missions with a light aircraft for 1 or 2 hours but no airliner missions possible after 2 years - what a shame.

Think I will leave it for good some more months but I doubt it will ever change and finally work


Hmm interesting played around a bit more and saw this when CTD happened - GPU hit spikes and then MSFS quit.

This sim seems to be rapidly falling apart. On my flight today - which I ended up shutting down, my performance sucked (CPU operating at about 30% and GPU at 40 - 50%, stuttery), several extreme wind changes that resulted in blowing altitude restrictions, and the topper - lost ATC. One day you’ll have a good flight, but the next it’s complete garbage. Zero consistency and makes me think twice before even bothering to start the program.


“there is no xbox downgrade…”
while there’s a ton of proof there is. One must love the marketing bla bla, clouds look way worse, trees as well, repeating patterns everywhere in those.
cloud distance got reduced as well vegetation and night lighting. It’s all in a Xmiles radius around the plane and beyond that it’s all FSX.

after a 1,5h flight, barely managed to land.
CPU at 13% GPU at 25-32%


Stability…? this is the word the devs have chosen? Please, with almost 3000 comments and 1000 votes for this topic, i have lost all doubts. FPS degradation on long haul flights will NEVER be fixed. This problem dates back almost 2 years, yet here we come with another World Update


766 votes since August 21. Likely many who voted never removed their vote after it was fixed for them, same goes for comments. I had also at some point this issue but on my end it was fixed so I removed my vote again :wink: so it’s not fixed for you by now which is sad but that’s not the truth for all users.

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Please, at the end of the day its still a game issue. Something the devs have yet to acknowledge regardless if you feel like your sim is working. Im sure the majority of simmers on this discussion forum fly 1-2 hours max. But i can guarantee you, for those hardcore simmers doing oceanic flights will come across the issue more often than not. People post screen shots of computer performance all the time, with the exact same symptoms. So what does that mean? Was it really fixed? No. You cant fix something unless the devs acknowledge the issue… let alone replicate it.

And not all users need to have the same problems. The fact of the matter is when you purchase a product, you expect the product to work. Everything about that product should work. Not a quarter of it, not half of it. All of it. This game is not usable amongst its full potential. And its sad because it costs alot of money to fully emerge the flying experience within this game.


Unclear as you did not provide any information on your system from what I saw in the whole topic (had a quick look).

It seems you only fly with unsupported community mods installed on an unknown sim and computer configuration with routes mostly unknown, unknown altitude and unknown waypoints. There are way to many variables in what you actually post here.

These screenshots mean nothing at all. I deal with performance testing and these are simply no metrics. To properly measure performance you have to hook up another computer which is monitoring the systems vitals in detail (not the stuff you see in task manager or sim debug!).
Also, as said, as much information as possible should be provided on such issues AND it has to be recreated using default aircraft in first place.

Saying that you got XXX CPU and XXX GPU on Windows 11 also is not enough to let them devs know your system. Which Windows build? Which .NET version? List of the latest patches on OS level, list of drivers installed (DX Diag), RAM type installed, Motherboard type and BIOS version. Then your sim settings, resolution, temps from flight start to end (would be part of the mentioned monitoring as your system may throttle down due to heat).

The developers have to be able to recreate the situation as close as possible using a virtual machine configured as close to your own environment as possible.

That would be at least helpful instead of a constant rant that it’s not fixed :wink:

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So basicslly what youre saying is for all these simmers who have experienced the same issue over and over again, its irrelevant because you think you know everything? Cmon man, be realistic. I dont need to state xyz when others already have. And to common sense knowledge, people can clearly relate to the same problem. Community mods OR not. Its also not uncommon for devs to hide information, not saying this is what Asobo is doing, but again you need to be realistic.


You are saying that you had the performance issues similar to which are described in this thread? Was it degrading performance over flight time, with decreasing CPU and GPU utilization? And, do you recall at what point, and by which update or hotfix your performance issues ceased?


No, certainly I don’t know everything but proper reporting is mandatory to get things fixed. Your computer is a black box basically, like the computers from others who just complain and don’t report anything helpful :wink:

And what does lead you to be so certain that it’s a sim problem and not anything driver/.NET or OS related as you said it clearly has to be an issue with the sim? Am really thrilled to know this!

Yes, that’s what I say :slight_smile: basically in my case I noticed a performance increase on SU9 in general compared to others but the over time issue stayed on any aircraft (default or not) and it even got worse after some Windows 11 update, so I did some research.

One of the Windows update had a known issue corrupting the .NET installation so I reinstalled .NET, rebooted and started a flight from OMDB to EDDK using the PMDG 737 (8h). It went just fine with around 40fps (capped 30 + G-Sync) on 4k. The next day I tried different routes (like EDDK to GCTS and EDDF to KJFK) and did not notice any CTD or decrease in performance at all - and it stays till today this way :slight_smile:

I also created some advice on this over here:

That may not help everyone due to hundreds of thousands of different configs but maybe some will benefit :slight_smile:

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Will try the Net framework re-install. Thanks.

EDIT: Hmmm, the fix in the video actually caused an exception error and closed the program. I did do a reboot. Will try again and post back.

Just completed a flight. No exception error this time, but also no difference in performance. My GPU is running around 60% at the terminal at KLGA after landing, CPU core working the hardest varies between 33 - 40%. Very stuttery as I pan around inside the cockpit. As soon as I go to Main Menu, what’d’ya know…GPU jumps to 100%.

I would really like to know why I get full utilization in the darn Main Menu, World Map, Marketplace etc, but lame performance in sim. This behaviour is recent. Until around the time I installed the latest update, my GPU would run at 100% from loading until closing the sim. There has got to be something that the software is doing that is somehow throttling my hardware. BTW, my GPU maxes out at 62 degrees and my CPU at right around 60.

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unfortunately I can relate to that 100%