After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

hey welcome, I can confirm that the hotfix improved sth. Even with add-ons in my Community Folder.
In my case after the hotfix, I was flying one of my EDDB to EDDB traffic patterns in Asobo A320. 25L. Pilot view.

Take-Off = 58-61 fps. (92-93% GPU Core)
Cruise (6000-8000ft) @ 64-72 fps (99-100% GPU Core for 20 min)
Landing @ 44-48 fps (72-78% GPU Core)
Taxi back to 25L and Line up Runway @ 56-57 fps (91-93% GPU Core).
But with 2 planes in front of me. Runway far away and another to the right taxiing.

So I assume this little degradation is because of AI Traffic. I didn’t try taxi to the gates. But even fps will drop @ gates… it’s an improvement. Hope they don’t break this improvement again.


Hello all,

i want only share basic infos, i have my hw no rocket this time. Did stress to sim everytime with 3-rd party addon sitting at APN many hours, test fps, stability. Never noticed any fps own degradation by sim/system. Also don’t have many addons because somehow feel that with add more addons inside community all starts doing bad things. Test sim with clear community folder and without any tweaks, better with same graphical settings for longer time as possible. Use of bad antivirus solution can be also problem.

I still think it may have something to do with the planned route waypoints in MSFS.

PMDG is the first airplane i use that doesn’t use the MSFS route system at all and for the first time i am able to do long haul flights without performance loss. The FBW also has it’s own waypoint system but it still puts a route in MSFS.

After a 10 hour flight in the 737 i still have the same performance.

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Same deduction here, I have successfully repeated the experiment multiple times now.
Same departure, same destination, JFK to Heathrow, 6h flight :
-First flight crashed after crossing the Atlantic even before getting over Ireland.
-Second flight, SID + STAR + APP, no enroute waypoints, crashed 10 minutes before landing at Heathrow (really…)
-Third flight, set departure + destination only, manually fly the procedures, no drop in FPS

Interestingly the CoherentGTDraw clogs up for some reason, and it is way worse in cockpit (glass instrument always showing the VFR map ?)
External view while showing the VFR map :

mere seconds later after closing the VFR map :

(edit) start of flight, Vsynced 60hz :
(edit2) return flight over 6h completed, of 7hours, no waypoints, origin and destination only for the gps to work :

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I disable Steam, VGA and Xbox Game bar overlay and my game is stopping lagging and audio crackling. FPS returned to normal. Big hug guys, i hope to helped!

When this happens (Stuttering audio and bad FPS) i just save the flight and reload the sim. Saving works great now.

Hopefully they will fix these performance issues anytime soon.

My experience, as previously posted, has been slightly different in that FSP would crash sometimes only minutes into a flight. After the Update 9 patch yesterday, I did a flight with abysmal results. So feeling disheartened, I installed the latest nVidia drivers, rebooted, and viola!, no more drops. I’m 8 hours into a 9 hour transatlantic flight with no drops. Fingers crossed this keeps up.

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Sorry, We had an Update 9 patch yesterday?

For me it’s the VFR map.

I’m currently flying the FBW A320 and after 2 hours the FPS dropped from 30fps to 5-6. I closed the VFR map and the fps immediately jumped back to 30fps.

I don’t know when the performance issues started. I flew the TBM with the WT mod for 5-6 hours straight a month ago and the fps was okay. Though I suppose the WT mod uses a custom map. I flew the A320 for the first time in 6 months just yesterday. I haven’t really flown with the VFR map on for a long time in a year. So I guess that the issue was introduced in the last year.

Im right now in my second flight in a row without leaving the Cockpit. FBW
So far no drop at all

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Pc is still on and MSFS still running. Airbus parked at the Gate. Guess i will make a third flight shortly. All in all the Sim is running at least for 8 hours. No degradation at all.
Didn’t make a Flightplan,only departure for the first flight. The sync from the FBW MCDU seems to work flawlesly. Also ingame ATC was spot on for the 2 flights

After almost 2 years of this simulator we still have the same problem. incredible.

I am finishinig a flight with 7 fps.

can i say shame? can i?


Made my 1st PMDG 737 Flight.
I had to save and restart the sim Mid-Flight

Then the Perf degraded again when on Final

Asobo, Fix Your Sim!!!


Dear, I managed to solve it by following step by step what this page indicates. The only thing I omitted is the bandwidth and the settings inside the simulator. I just finished a 3 hour flight and the fps never dropped

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will try it tomorrow and report here :slight_smile: thx

For me, I get a normal 30 fps in the menus, but as soon as I get into the sim, I drop down to ten. I have an i7 1700f, 16gb of ram and a 3060 ti.

This may help some of you guys








you mention this already…

Yes… it definitely has something to do with live weather, especially when it’s very cloudy. If you turn it off, the situation improves a lot, even more if you choose a completely sunny atmosphere.
Besides, when I’m taxing I can only see the closest part of the runway with a good definition. Everything beyond seems to be blurry and it only becomes crystal clear as I approach that area.
And I don’t know why, but the simulator has closed and sent me back to the desktop three times today, when it never did it before! This works worse and worse every day, I have paid a lot of money and now I feel totally scammed!!

in flight now after 1h, performances are degrading… :frowning: