After SU10, FPS still drops during flights

I just tested it again. EDDM KIAD. Frames drop from 110 in EDDM to 40 on approach KIAD after 9h flight. I suspect traffic is the cause. Use FS Traffic, if you remove the traffic via the FStraffic menu the frames increase again. However, FSTraffic then generates new traffic and after a long time I can no longer remove it, even if I deactivate all AI traffic in the main menu.

No any traffic mod or AI traffic here.

I did, in the last 4 days, 4 longhaul flights with the horizon 789. I had 40 FPS at ADDON EDDF, 50-55FPS In the air over sea and land, landing in Addon CYYZ or Addon KDEN with 40fps.

I had didn’t have the FPS drops with the horizon 789 before the SU and after the SU. I had it with the headwind 330-900.

I guess it is related to the aircraft you’re flying.
Some have problems on long flights with the WASM module.

Flights have been all online on vatsim with traffic. Traffic drops FPS by about 5-8 FPS.


after a long flight. I go back in the menue and take a small plane to fly around the sim stutters, because memory problem still there. Only when close the sim and after restart all is fine than. You even notice in the menu and when closing the sim that the memory is full after a long flight with a airliner.

and they did:
i wonder how there is so little to non interaction from anyone (devs or those who speak for them) who would know what or even if there’s anything you can do about it. This only leads to one conclusion: no one is interested, let alone someone is interested in fixing the error in this version of the simulator. All eyes on FS2024

and shortly before reaching tod it became stuttery and subsequentialy went from 30-40fps to 2-9fps.

after restarting the flight at the same place i arrived this is the fps it is normaly at:


Made an 7h flight Yesterday and started with 60, landed with around 40. I guess without the FG Mod it would be a stutter fest

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On the Dev stream today, they certainly seemed to indicate that they are expecting performance improvements on longer flights in SU15. They back-ported some memory allocation fixes from their FS2024 project to FS2020. They (Martial?) said specifically they think this could address things like stutters on final after long flights and stutters when looking around.

Some crazy claims that memory allocations were taking thousands of times longer than they should in certain circumstances. If true, this could be a broad sim-wide improvement in many situations.