After SU10, FPS still drops during flights

I am having this issue even on relatively short fligths of around an hour… On approach last night, FPS was tanking down to sub 1 FPS (yes, SUB 1 FPS) after starting off buttery smooth at 60-80 FPS.

I have not tried turning photogramic scenery or the rolling cache off yet.


There is not a fix for this problem from Asobo?

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have the same issue. after an hour ish the fps drops to half.

but if asobo cant even fix their own programmed white dot on the screen I dont have much hope for any of these more complex issues.


Maximum frame rate is now on off in Nvidia settings and this help me. Try this out guys.

That makes sense in my case too - it was flickering when I posted a while back but then took a long break from it. When I returned there was the usual big sim update and then it advised me to update my video drivers too.

I installed the latest Nvidia set and did it as a clean install as usual but this time I have not touched any settings in the NVCP at all, I believe max framerate is off by default and I have a feeling I had it on before. Its working now so I’m leaving the NVCP alone completely

Hi, to those following. After a couple more rather long (>4 hour) flights with zero stutters, I can confirm that, for my system, flying with rolling cache completely disabled (and deleting the rolling cache file) has done the trick. This has nothing to do with photogrammetry or Bing data they remain enabled.

I don’t believe this is a surprise to many since it seems quite a few already knew this. In any event, I don’t experience any downsides at all with rolling cache disabled.

For me this is a simple workaround, and I am a happy camper. Give it a try.


I think that somehow the memory is full after a long flight. That’s why it stutters like hell after landing. But there are also players who don’t have this problem.

Today he do not load the airport EDDF after a long flight.

This problem had mostly gone away for me until this week. I am really hoping it is to do with server issues (probably overloaded due to all the updating).

Since updating to SU13 it is back with a vengence. I have a very good system (5800x3D 4090 etc). I load up my aircraft in VR and get 55fps. 20 minutes later by the time I have taxied out it is down to 45fps.

Half an hour into my flight it is down to 23fps.

On final approach I can barely manage 18fps.

After landing it is down to an excruciating 12fps.

Reloading a new flight with the same plane in the same location, back to 55fps.

Please, please, please, please, please fix this issue (as I said, it had recently improved with me do nothing to change my system or install).

After reading the SU13 notes and seeing this problem marked as fixed I had high hopes, but it is worse than ever!


This is just getting ridiculous now. Can not complete a flight more than 2 hours and 40 minutes without these giant pauses/stutters which usually occur on the decent. Temps are fine … system specs are good … rolling cache deleted and off. I am out of ideas.

I stopped playing MSFS a year ago because of the memory leak issue. Good to see a year on nothings changed :+1:


Found an interesting thing on my side.
After an hour or so of flying my FPS are going down a lot.

When it happens, it appears that my GPU is charged at 99%…

I just go to the graphic menu, and turn antialiasing to DLSS and go back to the flight for a few seconds.

Then i go back to the menu and come back to TAA.

No more FPS drops, and i can still play with a very good frame rate…

Tell me if it works for you !

You don’t hear anything from Asobo about this memory problem. They don’t seem to be interested

That’s not true. This is one of the topics that was covered in the last dev livestream.

Scroll down to “Stability and Memory Improvements” in the transcript for more info…

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They say that things have improved in their exam, but nothing has improved here with us

That’s because the fixes are still in Beta testing.

This is from the Sim Update 14 Beta Test Release Notes:

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ATC that was mixing voices in localized languages
  • Performance optimizations for long flights
  • Fixed localization bugs
  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title

It is scheduled for release Dec 5:


anyone testet this in the Beta already?

i did, no change for me, feel like i would need to say it’s even worse:

Yeah, it’s definitely worse than SU13!

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I also tested the beta and it’s fine now. I hope it still like this with the release!

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