After SU5. Shadows in VR jumping around

Guys, do you get that as well. I am on a i9-10900, RTX 3090 and HP reverb G2 ? Initial thoughts about SU5 on this system - quite a performance increase. Well done Asobo!


Yep, I noticed similar thing yesterday, especially on water under bridges. I didn’t notice it on land though (not to say that it doesn’t necessarily exist there too). Haven’t tried out different settings or sure if this affects all shadows, and if it is indeed only in VR, but it was very noticeable when I took a flight around Rio De Janeiro.

Same. It’s not shadows but refections for me, goes away when I turn reflections to off.

yes, same on my side, mainly visible in VR. The reflections in the water are shaking when moving my head.

Reflections are Dancing in the Moonlight :notes:
Also in Sunlight.

Guys, what’s your sequence in opening VR in the sim? I find if I switch my reverb on before opening the sim, it CTD

I wait to switch on openxr and wmr until my flight has loaded. Also when I experiment with settings I just close WMR and the openxr during the flight and restart the apps.

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Thanks for the reply. I can’t seem to get into the sim, well barely without it crashing.
Loading a flight and trying to load vr doesn’t work either…I’m struggling…
Do you know how to get into the sim via the window mixed reality club house?

Have you bought the game on steam or the windows store ? I haven’t tried to start the game from the WMR app. Can you not run the game in 2D either?

Thanks for the reply. Purchased via the windows store and run it directly from there …
That’s the only way I can consistently launch it without CTD

Clouds for me are jumping around in VR, didn’t notice the shadows but they probably are too!

What’s your specs on the pc?

Correct it’s the reflections I also meant :+1:

First thing I noticed after the update - aside the increased performance. The reflections in water are jumping.
I was wondering if it was an intended effect to match the water movement. But a closer look rapidly confirmed it’s a quirk as the effect is greatly exaggerated.

It’s actually so obvious that I don’t understand how it could have passed QA.

I am getting the bouncing reflections too among other things. The graphics are much worse after the update even with higher settings.

Been flying all morning with various settings. With reflections on ultra the water edges are definitely shimmering and moving about, it really catches the eye.

I also get some shimmering graininess and banding on the wing struts and upholstery of the C172, which went away when I upped both LODs to 200. Early days testing for me, as I can now fly all day long without CTDs on teh G2 with a Radeon 6800XT. Performance is pretty good and I’m mostly free of stutters except in tight turns.

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The jumping reflections are so bad in VR that it breaks the immersion.
I had to set “Reflections” to “OFF”.

For Asobo - the reflections movement is related to the head movement in VR. Keeping the head very straight has them being normally rendered. Any head movement, especially vertical movement, makes the reflections exaggeratedly displaced, like if the parallax computation was wrong.

Exactly this for me also, anyone know of any fixes bar turning off reflections for this? Tried a few setting combinations but no luck yet…

Shadow edges are also very unstable. Smoothness and performance improvement is great but the moving reflections really breaks the immersion.

Exactly same here, reflections on VR are another colateral damage from update 5. It’s more than evident, as well as AA lost, strange It was not detected in beta.

Not sure what the process is, but I added this as a bug