After world update long startup time


Without community installs, starting up takes about 6 minutes! I also see that “checking updates” is also longer then normal (+/- 2 minutes)

This is happening after the latest update…

By the way, this morning it was ok.

Anyone a clue?


I also noticed this today! The checking for updates and loading taking forever!

Thanks for notifying! This morning it was ok. Will raise a ticket with MSFS 2020…

Yeah Mee too It gets stuck on checking for updates for like 15 mins alone
i tried uninstalling and reinstallng it back and moving the community folder but no help i guess this is a mass issue. :frowning:

I dont think its the update as it was loading okay yesterday. Very slow 15:50 UTC today.

Same here. To finally read: Unaible to connect to content server.

There’s nothing wrong with my connection…

I just came to the forum to post about this! Yesterday all good. Today 9 minutes from double click to main menu, then in game Thrustmaster hotas unresponsive (but works fine in the adjust sensitivity menu) then 5+ minutes just to return to main menu to restart activity. I guess this is a server issue?
PS: I updated the game yesterday or two days ago and it was fine so I think this is unconnected to any update)

Now went past update screen in 1 minute and it’s taking ages to load. Nothing wrong with my NVMEs on which OS and MSFS are installed…

Answer from MS support:

Depending on your system, bandwidth and the size of your installation packages of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the starting launch of the sim can take some time.

There’s nothing wrong here.

Well I don’t agree :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

haha, yeah except startup time is completely random ranging from 2 to 10 minutes and I definitely don’t think my system or bandwidth or size of my installation (?!) change that quickly! :wink:

My sim has been loading fine until about lunchtime today (UK Time) I have changed zero on my sim! Sorry but this is a legit new problem!

That reflects exactly when my problem started. That can’t be a coincident…

The same problem !

XBox Live status reports all green.

However, Downdetector UK indicates there was a spike in reported problems connecting to XBox Live from the UK.

Again, there are multiple pieces that all need to work together to deliver a Software-as-a-Service application like MSFS. It could be a problem at your ISP or the pipe between the ISP and XBox.

Just for future reference, you can always use a Command Prompt to run Tracert to see your connection to .

Generally it’s one hop between you and , as the servers are hosted in a load-sharing arrangement that’s not transparent to the end user.

It could be your ISP, or in between the routing from your ISP to the nearest XBox load balancer.

Working now for me, what about the others?

Seems to be back to normal now!

Checked and here back to normal too…