Ah the quietness of VFR

I usually fly the A320 IFR. So tired of the ATC barking at me to climb to altitude I decided to just fly VFR. Wow how nice it was to not have to listen to the dumb controllers. It was the most peaceful flight I’ve had in a long time. Try it, you’ll like it. At least till September 7th. I just couldn’t take it anymore.


I suggest checking out VATSIM, IVAO, PilotEdge, POSCON or Pilot2ATC.

Now personally I can only speak as a VATSIM user for 12 years and someone who flies light GA aircraft but I fly IFR here and there in the Cessna 152 with the JPLogistics mod and it’s quite doable.


I fly mostly IFR, always without ATC and no other traffic. The best of both worlds :wink:


Oh the irony of seeing quietness of VFR as I’m getting ready to do the VFR Coastal Route transition through the Los Angeles Bravo on PilotEdge. It’s going to be non stop talking to and listening for controllers.

I highly recommend this program if you’re looking for a fun challenge or want to work on radio communication.


Oh it’s a huge amount of fun doing these on VATSIM, I love the Mini Route and seeing all the traffic below at LAX (sometimes you see a massive load of aircraft). Yeah, indeed the radio can get very, very busy. Sometimes it gets so busy and I can’t get a transmission through so I resort to transitioning the Bravo via the SFRA.

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This is the same way I’ve always used Flight Simulator(s).

The ATC is never up to snuff and other traffic is simply obstructive.

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ATC is off and I see no reason why it should be on.

To constantly hear this endless radio chatter nonstop?
Blah blah blah blah 235353 turn this way 3563456 turn that way you are leaving my airspace turn this turn that fly this fly that blah blah blah blah 34 turn frequency turn this fly that way you are again leaving my airspace Cessna 445346 turn this turn that Cessna this Cessna that you are again leaving my airspace turn this turn that fly level this blah blah blah Cessna this runway that weather blah blah barometer two-niner-niner-two Cessna 34536 turn to 323 blah blah blah blah blah blah… NONSTOP NONSTOP NONSTOP all the time.

The line “ATC services terminated” when not reacting was always the calming release from this nonsense when I was too lazy to switch off the radio panels or change to a non-active frequency when starting before I found out that ATC can be completely muted in the sound options menu

ATC… no thanks I pass.
I love realism but this feature is… ehm… yes it is realistic but also utterly plain annoying when flying to enjoy the flight, and nothing else.
I prefer to listen to some good Creepy Pastas on YouTube while doing some almost meditation-like bush flights over beautyful nature scenery.

Multiplayer OFF, ATC OFF, Online traffic OFF, everything else off except graphics on ultra quality and realism (flight physics damages etc.) maxed out - that´s the perfect way of enjoying the flight :wink:

That’s funny. Sometimes I feel like that when driving on the freeway. If only I could eliminate all the other cars haha. That was the one thing I enjoyed most about the lockdowns last year. Driving on mostly empty roads. I suppose if this was a racing sim you would turn off the other cars lol.

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