AI Assists Stuck on

AI assist is off in the menu but I can’t get the game to stop changing my radio frequencies. No amount of turning things on or off has helped. The only change I made was adding the Thrustmaster TCA add-on to my setup. I can’t fly on VATSIM this way. Anyone?

Hello @p1nba11er .

Can you change the frequency at all, or does it directly revert?
Or does it change randomly mid flight?

When checking on the top of the screen, where assistance also can be toggled, are they also showing as off there?

Did you previously do any online activity like a landing chellange or bush trip?
There have been reports, that assistance settings were changed after doing such activities.

Yes, no problems changing the frequency but the AI assist changes it back every time I make a change. AI assist is off in the menu. As soon as I trun the battery master on the game starts calling ATC for taxi.

Yeah, that sound like AI assist is on, as you said.
I think (did not recheck) there are two settings for assistance, one in the top handle bar and one in the menu where the other assistance options are. My suspect would be, the manage ATC comms assist (think it was called that). That is shown as off? Does toggling it on and then off change anything? Does changing your assistance options to true to life change anything?

Here’s my settings…

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Ok then I am out of ideas :frowning: .

Is at least some kind of workaround available for you?, e.g. using vPilot with the .com 2 instruction and then changing com frequency on the right comm?

Got me, I think I’m just going to re-install even though it’ll take all night. It’s still easier than spending hours troubleshooting everything.

Ok, I currently do not exactly know how to, but you may be able to just reinstall the small MSFS core files (like 2GB) and maybe somehow reset your settings without actually redownloading the 100+GB.

May be findable somewhere in the forums, may save a lot of time.

I’ve been trying to find info on how to just wipe settings and there’s not squat. I couldn’t even find info on how to revert controller profiles to default. It’s kinda amazing how much info is lacking for this nearly 2 year old sim.

Ok, if you definetely want to keep keybindings and potentially the packages folder (120+Gb) you may be able to backup it and in case it gets wiped, you could restore them to prevent data loss/redownload.

Maybe this helps:
If you use steam or something else, see .

To reset the controller profile I would need to check in the game, but it should be under the option profile manager, where you can also add/duplicate your profiles if I remember correctly.

You can also create a zendesk ticket for official support and raising the issue.

Trying a reset, which basically re-downloads the entire thing so we’ll see… in the morning. :persevere:

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Looks like I had two separate issues… AI assists were stuck on and keybindings for ATC were not working correctly. The number keys (no modifier) are by default assigned to swap ATC frequencies but for some reason, when I would switch to a custom view using OPTION-(any number), the game had decided to interpret that as a number only, and was switching the radio frequencies along with the view. :man_facepalming:

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