Ai Traffic in Wrong Airports!

Hello ,
I have a question concerning Ai Traffic !
I did some flights in Europe and in America , and i saw European Traffic in Costa Rica and in the USA and US Traffic In Italy ( Also at Other Europeans Airports ) !
An Airbus 320 Needs at least 2 , 3 times of Refuelling to Cross the Atlantic !!
So is this a bug ??
Costa Rica (Elal Israel A320 )

Italy ( Delta A320 )

Thank you


you need to understand how the ai works in msfs it doesnt. what you have there is ground static airliners from your mega pack, they wont move


They’re also randomly picked and generated from your pool of liveries.

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Thanks for letting me know !
So if i remove mega pack , i will not have any ground static traffic parked at airports ?
How about Ai Live Traffic then ? I don’t see much or actually i rarely see any Traffic in any airport !

No need to remove the megapack. Just go to your General Options, under Traffic and you can just set the slider of Ground Aircraft back to 0. That should clear the parking of any aircrafts.

The Live AI traffic should not get affected as they are treated separately.

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I see the CL-415 Bombardier “Super Scoopers on the left there… they fly in from Canada to Van Nuys Airport to assist the region during fire season. Nice to see them in the pic. Makes we hope someone does Van Nuys airport some day.

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That’s what I do. The current static ground is completely random as you said, makes 0 sense to me to leave it on.

Thanks a lot guys for your help ! :grinning:

I leave it on because I don’t want to land to an empty airport. Hahaha. But yeah, I see what you mean. It’d be nice if each airport has a list of ICAO airline code that are assigned to them. So only those liveries that belong to that list gets randomly generated in parking.

If the airport is handcrafted, they could have each of those ICAO code list to be assigned to each gate. That way only certain liveries spawned on their respective gates. And if we fly using that livery the ground ATC will assign you to the allowed gate. So that you’re not parked an international flight into a domestic terminal.

What I understand from the tests I have done is that there are three independent types of ai traffic:

  1. The planes on the ground are chosen at random
  2. Offline AI traffic for which trafficAircraft.bgl file is used (similar to FSX)
  3. Online AI traffic

Regarding the first, I do not go beyond 70% to not fill the parking lots
As for the second, I deleted it by replacing the trafficAircraft.bgl file
Now I am focusing on Online traffic and I have seen that it works quite well, it seems to recognize the arriving or departing plane but does not seem to recognize the livery.

I will continue with my tests.

There’s a post out there that actively discussing live traffic liveries. I got myself to work for a few airlines. But other times, I haven’t had much luck. But I am not using the entire megapack, though. I only pick and choose the ones for live traffic purposes.

I don’t use the megapack because it consumes FPS and because it is limited to Asobo planes.
I use IVAO liveries (x-csl) which, however, must be changed.
It’s a bit of a hard job but now that I’ve figured out how to organize them, I’m starting to feel better.

Above all, I avoid touching the ASOBO files because there is a risk that after an update you will lose your work. I only work in the Community folder.

I think I do what I do because using multiple models are overcomplicating things for me. It’s good for immersion, I agree where you have multiple aircraft models. But the sheer number of multiple numbers and liveries that needs to be assigned to each of them increases the complexity significantly.

I just want a standard high-poly model for my AI traffic that is uniform across all airlines when viewed from close inspection. So I just want the default A320 to be used for all twin engines, and 747 for all quad engine traffic. I don’t really care what their actual aircraft is irl. I just want these two to be the generic standard.

That way, whenever I download a specific livery that I want, I can just apply the same texture file to the live traffic model since they use the same model as my usable livery.

It’s not the best solution, but I think it’s a good compromise between standardising maintenance and livery management.

The only thing I can think of to streamline this whole concept is to have a payware traffic addon built-into the marketplace. Which gets automatically updated regularly with new liveries and models that’s designed to just work natively in the sim. But that’s wishful thinking.

I’m okay with editing in the official folder. There’s only one or two lines to do anyway. So if an update restores it, I just do it again in 2 minutes. I’m not too bothered about that.

It is right that everyone customize their SIM as they like.
For me flying in Europe, losing FPS to see RyanAir with the A320 is not acceptable.

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