Live Traffic with working Liveries!

Good day everyone, I am so very excited to release my first contribution to the flightsim world. I have created a script to update ALL IVAO aircraft.cfg’s to be utilized in our sims! I am still testing but it appears to be working. Please visit my GitHub repository below. Instructions are included in the readme. If you have any questions please ask here or DM me I will try to respond when I have availability. I recommend using this in combination with the AI Traffic Liveries mod to fill in planes that may not exist in the model library (ie 787-8) though only 5 liveries are provided.

I sincerely hope this brings joy to everyone’s simulation experience.


  • Kai

Be sure to make an account to install the Altitude for MSFS Client (includes traffic library).

See THIS post for instructions:


Looks promising! I will test it at EGLL shortly.
Does this include different aircraft models (not just neo and a380)?

Take a look at the imgur album! :slight_smile: You might be in for a treat.

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Very cool! How does this work? What is the IVAO thing you linked? A real-traffic client or an AI pack?

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Seems like a great contribution, because when I see Easyjet liveries in LAX I always laugh, like how did they come here :joy:
Thanks Mate


I believe they have a client service but they provide a model library which only worked as ground traffic (static) before I made the modifications. Client service is not required. This works out of the box with the live traffic provide by Asobo.

And is the URL a link to that model library?

Yes, under Altitude for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS2020). You will need to install the software but the library is downloaded separately within the wizard. I would post the .zip file but I don’t want to breach any licensing.

Very awesome indeed! Do these model reflect the airlines from the real time data that MSFS has?

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I would say to the best of its ability. For example at Heathrow there was one BAW plane registered as a JetBlue aircraft but the rest were the correct livery. I have not confirmed the accuracy of which model however but this is most likely something out of my control.

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And also wich Python version (please don’t tell me 2.x :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Scripted with 3.8.5 :smiley:

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Awesome thanks a lot! If you want, I can help on converting the original script into go or Java compiled naively in order to avoid installing python :slight_smile:


IVAO Models do not working right in MSFS 2020 - No Animations

How about vatsim?

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I think it’s better than default but the choice is yours (personally don’t fly within a mile of AI aircraft so it doesn’t bother me too much). I’m sure they’ll be updated in the future.

Haven’t tested but I think this should work let me know!

Yeah that would be great! I just wanted to get something working out ASAP. I’m at work rn but let’s connect soon. Feel free to DM me.

This will still be random, so the AI catch any free model and does not care about the icao. You also need to remove the generics in Official folder (isAirTraffic=0) otherwise the models will be mixed up and you will still see small airplanes on the runway.

Have you even tried my script yet or are you just speculating?..