Ai traffic liveries

I must say I am a little disappointed by the ai traffic, it is only a320 and 747 in generic livery.
Is there news of Asabo bringing in all aircraft models as ai with liveries?

or do we have to wait for a 3th party developer like Just Flight…?

I must say before release i thought we wouldn’t need add ons, but it seems like we need aircraft, airports and traffic add ons after all…

still the whole world being so photoreal is amazing, but so far we need to be patient and wait for releases from 3th party developers


Today they’re going to make an announcement about an upcoming patch, hopefully they’ll release the details and we’ll know if we can expect some official liveries.

Until then you can use free community made work

Oh yeah, welcome to the forums!


How about we start with being patient with Asobo/MS? We’re not far into launch and haven’t even had a patch day yet. Follow your own advice :slight_smile:


If you get the livery megapack you can set the other liveries to be usable by AI planes.

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I read that adding all those liveries to the system causes issues because it isnt really supposed to be done that way. I will give it a miss I think and wait for Asobo to provide a proper solution, the mega pack is not it.

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Works just fine, and that’s what the Community folder is for.

That’s not what I read in the livery thread yesterday, people were beginning to have problems with large numbers of liveries attached to one aircraft. It may work for you but it doesnt for everybody by all accounts. We are not really supposed to have 70 liveries for one aircraft after all, I doubt if that was ever intended for the community folder.

Well. That’s how it worked on every other flight sim. The number of liveries shouldn’t be an issue. In any case, the current way of adding them. But can’t blame users, we are still waiting for Asobo clarification about liveries. So at least, people managed to add them.

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I have not added them to the AI traffic but what is cool is that if you are using the same megapack other users are using you can see the liveries they are using.
So many “uses” lol


Was just asking if anyone knew if it was anything for the future or if they are relying on a 3th party for this.
But from what I have read here there is no news about that yet, I can wait… just wondered what the plan is.

tnx for the replies

Ill leave a hint here, if you have ivao they have a model set

How do you do this? (a link to instructions would be plenty if you don’t want to explain it in detail :D)

I’m actually having issues because the sim uses one (and only one) livery from the megapack per aircraft model completely randomly aircrafts that don’t belong to that airline, and it’s driving me crazy.

Like earlier today, I had about 30 Malev a320s in Istanbul…

During a livestream before launch they said they contacted “literally” every airline in the world to be able to release their liveries. Some are letting them do it “now” (which I imagine meant relatively shortly after launch) while others will take longer because with COVID airlines have other issues to think about. Unfortunately, all officially released liveries need to be licensed.

The system is in place, as there is ONE stock real life livery currently used correctly by the AI out of the box, and that’s United Airlines, as you can see below in Cairo.

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How do you set the mega pack to use the liveries on AI planes?

I have decided on a policy of ‘no mods, stay vanilla’ for the next 6 months, minimum. I might make exceptions for occasional ‘official’ addons.

I think this sim needs a good period of ‘vanilla’ operation (default install, no additions - especially not unsolicited 3rd-party addons), given that we can expect fairly regular updates from Asobo and its colleagues.

In 12 months time we might have a far better idea of which addons/expansions make sense and function well with the base install. Until then, I’ll monitor the Marketplace and read forums like this to keep up-to-date with what’s going on with that aspect of the sim.


For each livery in the aircraft.cfg files

isAirTraffic = 1 ; Is the plane usable for air traffic

This…for me also. There are many work-arounds right now, tweaks, mod packs, etc. I too I’m keeping it vanilla.

My personal preference, but found from previous experience once I started adding stuff right out of the gate and tweaking .cfg files and later adding another layer of code on top led to more time trying to locate problem files than actually flying the sim. I think most of the problems (especially major issues) will be fixed in time here by way of official update patches. They have already addressed issues with the first patch, namely install issues. Now they are concentrating more on operational aircraft issues and the flying environment (AI traffic, weather, etc.). I guess for me it’s an ounce of prevention (patience) is worth a pound of cure (frustration) later. To each his own though.

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