AI traffic sounds at airport

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I cannot seem to hear any of the AI traffic take off, land or taxing past me when I am at an airport / gate. I am talking about engine sounds when they go past or the roar when they take off / land. Is there a setting I have not switched off, or is this a shortcoming of fs2020?

Hey hey @clayton41158342,

Have you made sure “Other Aircraft” in the sound menu is turned up?

Also, you do have an empty community folder?

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thanks will check it out :grinning:

ok so when I go outside I can hear the aircraft, but inside the cockpit I don’t hear them, yes my community folder is empty.

That’s probably because the inside of the cockpit is a very quiet environment. You probably have to taxi close to the traffic to be able to hear them from inside the cockpit.

ok when I go to camera and external I hear all the airport ambiance and all the aircraft take off / land etc, but as soon as I go into the cockpit, it is dead quiet. (Citation CJ4)

Yeah, that seems to be working as expected. Even in real life if you go into the aircraft as a passenger, you can’t hear anything that’s happening outside the aircraft. But it’s loud when you’re still standing in the jetway/stairs outside.

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I had the same question in the first month that MSFS was released (it was in the Longitude though). Other planes would silently pass right in front of me. I was told that was by design because the Longitude was designed IRL to be very quiet in the cockpit.

ok thanks for your responses

It sounds like the same issue as all four threads in this category, all animations seem to be missing:

None of the explanations here are accurate. You certainly DO hear airplanes from inside your plane. Ever sat inside a terminal or inside your airplane when a 777 a few gates away starts its engines? The engine start sound is so iconic! The same goes for when you are sat next to a runway holding short of it and a plane comes in to land.
So yes, the sim is broken when it comes to sounds for traffic, not to mention other aspects of AI traffic.

Yes inside the cockpit of the citation it’s as quiet as being at a cemetery.

If you have headphone simulation set to ON then set it to OFF:

Yes already set to OFF

Ok. Is your issue only with the Citation CJ4 or with all planes too ?

I did a test at KLAX with the CJ4, FSLTL, parked at the side of a runway: I can hear the engine of other airplanes roaring for taking off but sound level is very low from the cockpit, very loud from outside. So I think that is maybe a configuration with the Cj4 that limit from inside those external sounds, not sure if it is a bug or if it is setup like that on purpose. Maybe you can ask in the CJ4 support thread (I did not find any related question):