Ai Traffic!

Hello ,

Today i did a flight around ENCN in Norway , and i realized that there was a plane on top of the water ! I tried again same area and i realized that there was again a plane on the water ! ( this time different plane ) !

Any idea what is going On ?


Washing their wheels!!!


That’s look like a handcrafted airport, ain’t it?


This is likely due to a bug in the handcrafted airport. It’s not an AI plane per se. It’s a “randomly” placed set piece. Likely the dev has accidentally placed a parking spot for said set piece planes at that location in the water. When you load into the airport, it will randomly spawn random types of planes and place them at various parking spots based on your ground aircraft density settings. This is what you’re most likely seeing.

At least that’s what it looks like to me.

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Yes from ORBX , ENCN !!

I think you are absolutely right !
I asked also at ORBX Forums and their reply is that ,
Aircraft like this are generally another user’s aircraft showing in the sim. You can always check by going in to the setup and disabling other user’s aircraft !!

Somebody else replied,
To turn off the ‘multiplayer’ option in the ‘flight conditions’ window on the main 'World Map !

I did but the Plane is still Visible !

I’m pretty sure if you saw different planes in the same location twice, ON THE WATER, it’s not multiplayer. It’s a randomly spawned plane in a misplaced parking space.


Agree with you. I think this is a parking spot placed there by the airport devs.


Agree !
I will send a message to the developer of the Scenery !! ( Gaya sim. )
Thank you for your support !


That’s most definitely not a multiplayer aircraft parked out in the water, especially if you turned off multiplayer and it’s still there.

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Could be a Float Plane ?

First time was Not a float plane !
Second time yes it was :grinning:

Maybe it’s an intentional parking spot for float planes. It may just have a bug that it’s spawning in planes that aren’t float planes in that spot.

Hmmm maybe !
Only the developers can answer !!
I just did another flight , this time NO Ai Traffic on the Water :slight_smile:

Yeah, it assigns planes to parking spots pretty randomly. So there may not be one there every time you load in.

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