AIG Live Traffic and Traffic Controller -- CTDs Due to Legacy File Change in SU10!

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A few of us have tested and confirmed, AIG traffic causes instant CTDs when trying to spawn into any airport. Once we’ve removed both AIG folders from community, the CTDs seem to stop.

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Remove all AIG folders from community

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**UPDATE: The latest SU10 Beta update seems to have fixed this issue.

Thanks just loaded up my first flight only with aig folders and the sim loaded then the sound cut and ctd before finishing loading

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Can confirm; when connecting to vatsim - instant ctd (vpilot uses model matching to the aig fleet)
So its not only live ai traffi; also offline, but when using AIG Models.

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Ah thats a bummer. No modelmatching for vatsim till AIG puts out an update I suppose.

I am actually speaking with Kaiii as we speak – he’s already looking into it. :slight_smile:


Oh great! Please let me know once AIG puts something out :slight_smile:

At Night all cats are black… so only fy nighttime no to get afraid by the ugly green generic’s… vampire 666. ^

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That’s one solution :laughing:

Or, in the meaning of “WORLD UPDATE”: The entiere world has to update itself to get around with Microsofts escaped new variant of MSFS :slight_smile:


Looks like a SimCinnect issue, will run some tests


hmm, im on VATSIM right now, few planes around me, using AIG models, no CTD (yet).

EDIT: im using the current Beta-Version of vPilot, in case that makes a difference.

will check … which vrm files are you using?

I had also CTD with AIG

Same here CTD

I only use AIG models with MSFS injected real-time online traffic (ie. I am not using AIG traffic control). Are CTDs happening when using AIG models this way?

Yes. It’s the only way I used it as well.

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I had 2 folders AIG beta folder and AIG folder containing airplanes and texture only. Removed the beta folder and it’s been stable since.

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I’ve never had the AIG beta folder enabled with MSFS Addoin Linker so perhaps mine will be OK too. I will find out in about 30 mins when SU10 beta has finished downloading.

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At least it doesn’t appear to be related to the models, about 2 hours use and no CTD with AIG + PSXT + Realtraffic … yet…


Do you use the AIG controller?