AIG Live Traffic and Traffic Controller -- CTDs Due to Legacy File Change in SU10!

no fix from our end since the issue is within the Sim. We can only add a workaround by removing the SimObjects in the lagacy format (737,320,747 and 767)


Any chance to convert the FAIB models into the new format?


running some tests at the moment with manual injected AI and it seems the amount of traffic injected in a short time might be related to the issue. if I remember correctly we had a similar issue in SU5 already :frowning:

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When I load up msfs without controller with msfs traffic disabled. Then if I start up AIG controller, the game freezes and it gives me a breakpoint application error.

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This is why we’re saying it’s not working… Kaiii is working on it. :wink:


Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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getting close to pin-point the issue, but still not 100% there.

@ moderators: Any specific way to upload a test-package later for Asobo for internal testings or should I upload over at DevSupport?


We don’t have an ingestion path to Dev Team through the forums. Recommend you reach out to Dev Support.


roger will do when ready and report here as well.

A small suggestion for the title here, change it to something that indicates that the bug is related to the lagacy model files used in the package.


@moxiejeff I leave to you and @Kaiii3 to agree to changes!


Done! :slight_smile:

Let me know if this is better, Kaiii.

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perfect, now we hve the actual cause included as well :slight_smile:


I have finished a full flight with AIG and it was flawless. So no CTD’s for me.

hmmmm, how is that possible? Everyone else has it, but you?


I have no idea but just did 2.5 hours flight with full of traffic. Not using AI traffic though only model matching and ground traffic.

report has been upload to Dev-Support incl. a package to reproduce the issue.


Anyone getting no traffic injection at all with the beta?

where did you download the beta?

vpilot website. but the issue is AIG, not vpilot or VATSIM.
EDIT: you dont have to download the beta, just change the release channel in vpilot settings.

ok thanks will try again