Air ambulance game mode (maybe SU5 Orbis DC-10 as flagship)

In this new game mode , next to landmarks ,incidents of wounded people would pop on the worldmap
You can go on repatriation mission to collect wounded people. Provide medical aid ,water & supplies to areas affected by drought etc.All kinds of new missions where you have to solve the problems of the wounded & victims of natural distasters.

Maybe the SU5 Orbis DC10 could be deployed for some larger medic missions or for a larger amount of wounded that need help.

Once the multiplayer aspects comes into play in FS2020 this could provide variety & depth for the multiplayer experience.Maybe the ability to have a livery or 2 linked to it too?

In general some missions would really be nice, like the old flight simulator, also had missions!

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yush I’m very excited about the potential of multiplayer missions with multplayer planned for 2022.

I remember some missions in FSx ,been ages since i played it though
In a multiplayer setting ,missions could be taken to a next level I believe. With for example the option to do a larger scale multiplayer evacuation/rescue/medical evacuation mission of people in disaster areas,where a group of players need to coordinate a rescue effort & evacuate all the wounded safely with air ambulances…or as many as they can…
Or distribute water & (medical) supplies to some suffering poor population in Africa or so.
Such missions would also take the multiplayer feature of the game to the next level.Providing more options for community activities at the same time.More activity options both in single & multiplayer setting. Maybe even with a volunteer system if you don’t know anyone yet.Where you can aid a group in their effort & get to know new people that way & make friends & all that effort to bring PC & Xbox players together would probably pay off more too,as they get a wider variety of things they can do together.

Helicopters are also often used as air ambulance…so when they’d get introduced ,they’d have immediately one more purpose to fulfill Helicopters are a must

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I would love to extinguish bush fires or doing difficult mountain rescues. Taxi people to oil rigs in storms, or whatever such things. Hope this votes gain some momentum in the future!!!

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To add some spice to it,the air ambulance fleet could have missions operating in warzones like Afghanistan and Iraq,Ukraine. Maybe a harder difficulty as the plane could be taken down & damaged ,while trying to get the wounded to safety.

Also in bush fires ofcourse, the air ambulance could be operative ,taking burn victims to safety. Perhaps that would be less dangerous as taking wounded out of an ongoing armed conflict(i guess that would be hard mode) & saving buring victims from bushfires etc maybe medium difficulty. While just from hospital to hospital etc easy mode.