Air Manager CJ4 Working Title Panels

Edit 9-17-2021
All, I have teamed up with Crunchmeister and have started a GitHub to further track and keep contributing to create Air Manager Panels.

I encourage everyone to keep track of this GitHub for daily/weekly updates. We welcome anyone who wishes to become apart of Simstrumentation to submit Git Pulls for fixes and additional panels.


-------Original post- Now Outdated Information-----------

These are panels for Air Manager V4.

7 Panels are complete as of 3-7-2021 and 4 more are soon to come.

I’m going for a 3 Touchscreen setup instead of building a physical cockpit, that way I can fly any plane. So expect more planes down the road.

*All panels require Working Title CJ4 to be installed in the community folder.
*All panels require Mobiflight WASM module to be in the community folder as well.
*They will be updated as Working Title (WT) improves the CJ4 or Asbro/MS fixes the SDK.

I’m open to all feedback for improving these.

If the button doesn’t work then I’ve used a Fail sound so you’ll know that button doesn’t work. You may have to add some events into your Events.txt file for Mobiflight.

Completed Panels
Bezel for PFD/MFD (To Look like Cockpit)
Upper DCP Panel (For Controlling PFD Left Screen)
Lower CCP Panel (For Controlling MDF Right Screen)
Autopilot Panel
Audio Panel
Electrical Panel
FMS-3200 FMC/CDU FS2020 Overlay (Requires Popping out FMS screen from Game)

Soon To Come:
Landing Gear Panel
Lower Console For De Icing Panel
Dimming Console Panel
Engine Starter Panel (Completed now in Drive folder)


This is cool as heck.
I am thinking of getting myself a copy of Air Manager as well, and this is what I was looking for.
Question: How does the FMC work? Can you somehow “move” the FMC screen window “under” the FMC panel for it to look right?

On a much more important note, when I touch anything on Air manager the mouse switches over to that window, which would mean I have to drag the mouse back into the screen to be able to use it. Do you have a solution for that? @FLRob27

Thank you so much for creating and sharing this! Got it working in my setup.

Could these custom instruments be submitted to the “online store” so they can be accessed via Air Manager for iPad?

@MarkusA380 sorry i didn’t respond sooner. For some reason I never got a notification. The FMC Window pops out by holding the right side keyboard “ALT” button and click on the screen in the cockpit.

@MarkusA380 as far as having to move the mouse over, No there is no solution for that I can think of. My solution was to buy all touch screens so i can fly 90% mouse-less :slight_smile:

I tried that but they were rejected. I’m not sure what I’d have to do to get them to work on iPad. I don’t have an iPad in the house to work with unfortunately . But i wonder if it’s just in the settings to enable iPad. I think right now all that’s turned on is Windows. I’ll take a look.

I use the duet app for ios and use the ipad as a second monitor via USB. Then, use air manager to setup the panels on the ipad. Touch function works.

Use Duet or SpaceDesk and use your iPad as a wireless monitor. Then you can just use it as if it was another monitor on your system and you have no restrictions. I have 5 physical monitors (2 touch), an iPad and an Android. All touch monitors and tablets are running Air Manager panels without issue.

The iPad version of Air Manager is really limited compared to the desktop version. Not all instruments can be made to work with it.

Thank you for sharing this. I’ve just bought Air Manager specifically to run those panels on a couple of iPads (through Spacedesk).

I am not familiar neither with Air Manager not with Mobiflight. So just to make sure I understand the installation process:

  1. Download the panels and store them in MSFS Community folder
  2. Download the Mobiflight WASM Module (not all Mobiflight) and store it in the Community folder. How/where I can get (only) the WASM module?

But how Air Manager got to play? How to make those panels visible to Air Manager?
Sorry for the basic questions but I’d like to avoid messing up things.


  • Put panels in any folder
  • Install mobflight
  • Install Air Manager
  • Install siminnovations plugins installer (search for flight sim plugins 3.5)
  • Open air manager, add custom panels from the folder you created using import function
  • Setup panel layout in air manager

Thanks. Very helpful.

I am now at the last step (setup in Air manager). For the time being I use “Run” to create the panel but I guess there is a better way to set the panel and also I need to change the size. So there is some work to do better understand how Air Manager operates.

You guys are talking over my head but I think you are discussing something I am wishing for. I fly the CJ4 (MSFS) and want to use touch screens and a knobster (or similar). Am I correct I can’t use AirManager and a knobster because there are no Pro Line 21 panels ?? Can’t deal with the mouse anymore. I’ve looked at Stream Deck and AXAIR. These look OK because I can use them for airliners if I want to. What suggestions would you have for someone like me that needs “plug & play” because I’m computer challenged. Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure what Pro Line 21 is. You definitely dont need it. You need to buy Air Manager and just import the panels in my GoogleDrive folder. You can use them with a mouse if you don’t have touchscreens just yet. If you need help I’d be happy to chat on discord or something.

Pro Line 21 is the avionics system in the CJ4.

The FMS right? My FMS panel was working 99%. My sim is currently crashing on installing thr latest update and I just haven’t had time to troubleshoot it this week. But last I knew it was working. if you buy Air Manager or having it already you should be able to use the panels right away. if you need help PM me and I’ll do the best I can.

Yes to the FMS but I guess the main thing I’m interested in is the AP panel and the display control panel. I want to be able to control the airplane with something other than a mouse. I’m researching the AXAIR, and mini-touch device but always liked the knobster. Are you saying there is a 3rd party FMS panel out there ??? I don’t see anything in the panels available in AirManager. The display panels are not touch screen like a G1000 so maybe my question was off.

That’s what this thread is about. @FLRob27 designed CJ4 panels for the WT mod specifically. And they work like a charm. Even the FMS. It’s so much nicer using a touch screen over a mouse.

On a side note, @FLRob27 - I can’t get the ALT knob on the AP module to work. As soon as I try to adjust it, it sets my altitude to 0. I"ve been using the ALT knob on my Honeycomb throttle, so no biggie. But thought I’d let you know.

Sounds outstanding. I’ll keep reading more and try to get a better understanding of the downloads/setup. Rob seems very willing to help dummies like me !!! Question, how do you change the heading/altitude/radio frequencies etc ?? From a youtube video it looks like you touch the knob on the screen and then “turn” it with your finger ?? I’m wondering since this is AirManager maybe I get get a knobster to help with that.