Airbus A320neo Dies After 2Hrs

Hi all.
I’m pretty new to flight sims, especially on airliners. I’ve successfully landed a flight from Heathrow to Munich and thought I’d do a cross Atlantic flight.
About 2 hours in, the engines cut out and all power is lost. I’ve made 2 attempts now and don’t know if it’s a bug or something I haven’t set properly. At first I thought it might be the engines icing up, so the second run I made sure those buttons were selected.
All the fuel pumps are on and I did notice the central fuel tank was getting close to empty before the engines cut out (I was watching something else when I heard the beeping death of the aircraft). So is it something to do with the aircraft not switching to the wing tanks?
I’m pretty sure it’s something I’ve done (or not done).

It’s really hard to know without more insight but it’s not the fuel, central tanks are empty most flights except on long haul flights they are the first to get empty so that shouldn’t be the problem. Did you turn anti ice on?

I think the fuel burn on the A320 is out of whack. I filled up my A320 for a 4.6hr flight from Perth to Sydney and i ran out of fuel just over half way, LoL

i think there is already a mod for this to add to the A320, which will make it more economical and realistic. Also input the cost index (CI) as well as that also has an effect on fuel burn

Yeah, I turned on anti-ice after the first attempt. But it still died after 2hrs of flight over the Atlantic.

I’ve heard it’s something like 38% too high on the fuel burn, but I still had at least 50% fuel left when the aircraft died.

Mmmm, could be a bug then…maybe check other posts here in the search filed for A320 Fuel

Looks like I may have the answer:

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:+1: looks like u may have nailed it

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Hopefully, thanks for your input. I’ll go and try again.

Ill send a search party out if we dont hear from you after 3 hrs!

You’ll need his flight plan so you know where to dispatch the search party.

The funny thing is I’m terrified of flying in real life, I think I will actually be scared to death when VR is released and this happens with a headset on.

She’l be right…it’s not the MAX

You will get over it when you learn more about how the plane works, you will see how safe flying actually is especially in the Airbus.

Hello there! I just stumbled over your thread and just read the “possible solution” to this. So, thing is exactly the same happend to me last night, but without touching any buttons regarding electricity and such. Started directly from the runway with the plane setup and ready.
Setup ap and let it do it’s thing, as I came back from following natures call, i found my plane in a steep dive towards the ocean without any power or anything working.
So i assume it cannot just be that, right?
Haven’t touched any Airliner since then! Lol :grin:

Funny thing is that I’ve never felt scared not even when I was a kid but the only time I felt truly terrified of getting on an aircraft is when I found out I was going on a 737 Max it was after the first crash and not most people paid attention what’s going on thank god it was a short flight.

I did a flight with the brief made in SimBrief and it estimated 5.2t of fuel to burn enroute, it burned 5.6t. Not toooooo much off, but I think Simbrief does the fuel calculations for the A320 non Neo. I don’t know how much more economical the Neo is but at least I can share some tangible numbers.

Also, OP, you sure you turned off the APU after startup? Are you using proper Cost Index to save fuel? If too much icing, the aerodynamic properties are considerably degraded, might push the engines to burn too much fuel to maintain input speeds.

Also make sure you change the format to lbs in simbrief since you can’t change it to KG in the sim.

Cost Index? What? I don’t really care about that stuff at the moment. Yes the APU is turned off after the engines are up and running, and I’ve just enabled the de-icing on this 3rd attempt. The engine generators are on (the buttons don’t show “off”) this time for sure, so I guess I’ll see what happens in a few hours. There is a bug here though, the tips shows “Turn ON Generator” even if it is already on.

Every thing looks normal you should be fine.