Airbus Autopilot Issues - Unplayable!

Okay so this game is still absolutely unplayable

Autopilot makes my Airbus do following things:
-circle around the departure airport although i have set up a route (i.e. Frankfurt-Gibraltar) also when planning routes in the menu pre-flight
-suddenly stop at a waypoint and circle the respective waypoint
-Airbus suddenly turns around to departure airport to, when arrived, fly the whole route again
-Perform an infinite eight manouver around a waypoint and the departure airport

I have experienced these issues several times over a period of a few months and nothing seems to fix it. Sometimes a flight works well without encountering any issues but most of the times my poor Airbus seems to be posessed by some Waypoints or sth and that really frustrates me to a point where I will soon deinstall this game and regret spending so much money for one year of absolute frustration

Have you tried using the FBW version?

Having similar problems but only recently during the latest update. A320 auto pilot will not allow me to adjust speed and altitude during flight. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this. Also, the flybywiresim stable version will not past into my community folder. Keep getting an error.

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No not yet, but i really feel like such irritating bugs should not be in the game anymore considering it is almost one year old.

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You’re talking about a game that hasn’t managed to have working text edit fields


I use the installer from their website and get the development version. it works pretty well for me. it’s not 100% perfect but it’s better than anything else we have and I am able to fly it pretty comfortably. I agree there should have been more refinement, but I suppose it came down to releasing something for us to have or nothing at all but that’s a pandora’s box we don’t want to get in to : )

This is a known bug since day one unfortunately. Look at the recent feedback snapshot the Community mangers provided a few days ago. What I can’t believe that it is not within the top 3 bugs to be fixed, which tells me people either don’t care or don’t know better what an annoyance this is.

This thread could be merged with the main thread in this bug so we better accumulate the votes.

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I believe the FlyByWire team are working on completely replacing the flight plan manager (or whatever the component is called exactly) in the A320NX. That’s where I’m putting my hopes, although it’s gonna take a sweet little while until this lands on their dev branch.

Of course, this should be something that is working properly in the core game. But unlike the OP I don’t consider the current autopilot to be unplayable, just very, very annoying. (The second “very” was added by the ATC issues introduced in SU5. )


Can you please link the main thread? Because I couldnt find threads that stated the exact problems I have experienced so far

Many people just fly with their little Props and are happy with how they function but honestly I came here for the airliners and I cant be the only one. At least the a320 neo should work without any issues as the developers had one freaking year to do something but no all they do is publish new buggy content.
They should focus on peroformance and AT LEAST one airliner rather than anything else

Yes, many already tried to communicate this to Asobo (e.g by voting and or Zendesk). You can observe the current state and that these efforts of creating awareness so far have not born any fruits.


#1 and #16 [BLOG] August 5th, 2021 Development Update - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

All interrelated… the FP needs fixing and many issue related to that will also improve.

Ok, appreciate the feedback. I thought the problem was long fixed in the recent updates and haven’t flown it for a while because it was so unpredictable. Like many of you I thought they should have corrected these issues by now.

Very much agree. I fly the airliners as well and so far very disappointed in the A320 Neo.

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Thanks, used the installer yesterday and hope that works. Thanks for the tip.

I think “unplayable” for me. The reason is although take off and LNAV work, in my system the aircraft will not increase or decrease speed or altitude until it gets to the next waypoint. That said, the only way to reach approach altitude and speed is to remove the autopilot and manually adjust both speed and altitude to intersect with ILS. Can it be done? Yes, but on long haul flights it does take away the fun. I am not an actual pilot but am familiar with how these systems should work (I don’t rule out novice “pilot error”) so if others experiences in the A320 neo are performing better than what I am experiencing it may be worth continuing to fly it.

I recently flew the default A320 as part of my usual test flights after each update before loading up the A32NX again.

The flight EDDF CINDY3S departure to EDDM/ILS08L ROKIL transition worked perfectly and completely on AP (except take off and down to AGL400ft). Yes of course you need to dial in the alts but it is all in Managed mode.

Check out the A32NX or post some screenshots here if you like so people can possibly give you hints on what might be improved.

I have had the problem of ap not following set nav points
in a320 i program my nav points via flight computer as i would pre u5 all starts well but after reaching altitude of 20.000 ap stops following the nav points i have found if you open the flight assistant from the drop down menu and select all options course correction start with ai pilot
with auto pilot and throttle turned off i deselect all options in the flight assistant dropdown menu.
after i turn on auto p and throttle all works as it should
i hope others try this and confirm

They Still haven’t fixed the Autopilot sway from left to right on the Cessna Citation Longitude.

I’ve tested several planes and the autopilot does not work on any of them. Very disappointed in Update 5.

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