Airbus Helicopters H135 Community Mod

Why HPG team, why not FlyInside team for example?
Sure HPG got helicopter in MSFS first, but they will not be the first with finished product.

I explained my thinking and reason for my request on the wishlist here:

It’s not about who’s first (objective) or who’s the most accurate (subjective) or who’s best (opinion). It’s about what will have the most impact and greatest overall benefit to the game platform, in my judgement.


how do we vote???

Hi Tony

Go to the very top of the page, and you’ll see a VOTE blue button/rectangle to the left of the title.
When you click on VOTE it changes to VOTED, and you should see the number in the box above go up.

Such great and important development by Hype Performance Group.
The AFCS is being fully implemented, including TRIM RELEASE and BEEP TRIM, etc.
This means a completely new auto flight system and “fly by wire like” control.
It’s a mangificent development and huge interest for the future.


Such a professional effort and product from this team. Amazing.

In the development, TRIM RELEASE fucntionality is being implemented.
This takes things to a whole new level.

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EFB Connect APP


really today I finally gave it try and I must say - very good job. Very nice (somehow easy feelings but very good) control and feel this heli very good. Good work and very appreciate this heli.


So today HPG reached the milestone of V1.0.
And they announced development of payware H145 Helionix.


I tried the H135, and it is by far the best freeware helicopter I have flown. Excellent modeling. Good work, I very much appreciate the time and energy that the HPG Team have put into this freeware helicopter and cannot wait for the H145 payware helicopter.


Absolutely. Pure fun and good learning too about how modern 4-axis AFCS helicopters are REALLY flown. H135 and H145 are must have’s and this is why we ask Microsoft and Asobo to work with the team to the benefit of the platform and to our benefit too.

I agree that Microsoft should work with the team on getting the H135 and H145 on their platform. Having flown the 135 and prepaid the 145. This is a whole new experience in flying. I was getting tired of the fixed wing flying but the experience of landing on buildings, and seeing destinations up close and personal has renewed my interest in visiting the places flown and viewed from above.

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Its a good group of folks at the HypePerformanceGroup discord. I’m surprised there isn’t a default helicopter shaped object in the sim. I would like to see the livery the pilot has chosen on all the aircraft but maybe that’s a large ask.

It would be proper for the HPG H-135 and H145 to be in the in sim market.


Thank you for the kind comments! Just like our aircraft, we try to maintain a community that is easily approachable too.

The H135 & H145 may not be the best Helli’s out there but at least they are doing more the Microsoft & Asobo and giving us something to fly. Keep up the good work.
Come on Microsoft/Asobo give us full support by the end of 2021.

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I guess it depends on expectations and your premise.

This is a game, not the real world. Making the aircraft difficult to fly isn’t the aim, nor making a 100% realistic flight model because the platform is not the real world (much more complex fluid modelling of air and wind flow would be required).

What’s great about the H135 and even more so in the H145 is the ongoing effort developing the Helionix avionics and flight control system, and this allows more and more engagement over time while allowing new sim pilots to appreciate the wonders of helicopters in the wonderful game.

You’ll never be a real world pilot because you can hover a non stabilized helicopter in any game. Don’t conflate gaming and training.

Right now you’ll have much more fun and value for money/time in H135 and H145 in MSFS2020 than any other available helicopter in this (or any other) game. And H135/H145 is brining in people who’d never considered or been able to fly helicopters before. This is fabulous for us all.

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Having been a 20 year Military and Civil Helicopter pilot in my past, I can testify the although they are not totally true to life in their flying characteristics, they are, considering the flight model they have to contend with, fantastic models of helicopters. (H135, H145 and R44)
Full support for Helicopters, Asobo, as soon as possible.


Just noticed it marked “no planned” in the new feedback snapshot