Airbus Helicopters H135 Community Mod

The H135 project has done a great job, making helicopters available and accessible.

With over 155K downloads as of today, it’s clear the community is responding.

This is a request for Asobo team to work with the team for the H135 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Airbus H135 Helicopter Project » Microsoft Flight Simulator

What is this a request for?

Request for Asobo to work with the team for H135 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.


@N316TS @LaneTOGA

The H135 project team has asked for support for helicopter development for MSFS by supporting the following thread;

This thread merely dilutes that support.

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I think we are talking about the same thread, not another thread.

My bad.
Posted wrong link link. Fixed.

We are talking about the H135 mod. Not just generic helicopters. It is an amazing mod effort that is brining much attention to helicopters, Airbus Helicopters and to the game.

I voted for both, no dilution necessarily.


Sorry but I think we should be trying to boost the current Helicopters Vote. not starting a second one that has a mountain to climb.

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Not for nothing but “Helicopters are a must” was number 7 on the list in mid February. Now it’s number 2. Coincidence…I think not. I don’t see how this could hurt the other.

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I just think it would make more sense for people to vote for the one that has the biggest impact and people probably wont vote twice. Just look at the number of downloads of the 135 versus votes, a huge disparity so what chance do you think this new request will stand of getting up to 1000 plus votes? Very little I would suggest. And the must vote was 7 in Feb but still had a significantly high number of votes, it wasn’t at less than 60 and rapidly grew to where it is now in two months.

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Well it did go from 700 to 1280. I’d say an 80%+ increase has to be have some driving force behind it, no?

Also I highly doubt there are going to be people that would vote for one and not the other.

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In two months! Its not just the numbers, the idea of Asobo working with a single project rather than developing a system that supports helicopters that lots of developers can use which is their published plan seems wildly optimistic and unrealistic to me too.


I voted twice, the number of votes on the “we want helicopter support” is extremely low. The 155 thousand downloads of the H135 brings 155k more people to the polls. The massive number of downloads is hard for Asobo to ignore. The H135 project has given helicopter access to people that may not have cared before. The more visible helicopters are to the community the more people would vote in one or the other.


But am I not right in thinking the flight modelling system used by Asobo in the fixed wings, and thus what they plan on using in helicopters, is quite different to that used by the H135? I’m not technically minded but to me that seems to be the case so if future different helicopters are planned it would make more sense to go with a generic modelling method rather than a series of one-offs.

However I do love the H135 even though, being a trained fixed-wing pilot, I’m still trying to get the hang of landing the thing!


That is not 155k players who downloaded H135. Download counter counts all separate downloads of each update. So if on average every player downloaded 10 updates, there would be 15k unique players.

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Hello @CBCDES (Allan) and @willisxdc (Roger): generic “helicopters” is at #2 which is good. The community is expressing the clear and present need, and Asobo has recognized this.

H135 (with Helionix) project :

  1. brings people to the game platform, and
  2. makes helicopters accessible

This modern twin turbine helicopter mod is doing what other models and other game platforms have not done before: democratize helicopters.

I am a former helicopter and fixed wing pilot. The learning curve on other platforms and models is too steep for most, they give up in frustration, a negative experience. This is not the fault of the mod developers, because they prize accuracy above accessibilty.

FS 2020 is amazing. The true potential - technically and commercially - lies ahead. Some aircraft mods are more important in this vision than others, even within the coming helicopter category. H135 Helionix is a significant mod on numerous levels, and this is the reason for the wishlist item on this forum.

I’m not here to challenge anyone else’s opinion, polish my math skills or divine tea leaves. I simply want FS 2020 and H135 to be the best it can be. The development teams have skills, let them deliver to us on the promise by working together.

… sound of mike dropping.


Thanks for the reply. I am not against asking, if you dont ask you dont get as they say, so you have my vote but honestly I would be extremely surprised if Asobo play ball.

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I don’t think involving Asobo will help. It might just make things worse by allowing Asobo to modify or change things and typical of Microsoft to botch it. Then they will want to be paid for it. why not just support the H135 the way it is and give heaps of credit and support to the team that developed the H135

Better chance of ball games if the wishlist item is high, like A32NX…

Having H135 high on the wishlist brings opportunity AND gives credit/support to the team. The HPG H135 team are smart guys. We trust them to bring us the helicopter, let’s trust them again to choose the best way forward.

Asobo/Microsoft have brought us something wonderful. Yes Asobo/Microsoft will do what makes sense commercially, and this is as it should be. Lots of new people on FS2020/Helicopters/H135 makes great commercial sense.

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