Airbus vs Boeing Autopilot

Maybe it’s because I have spent way more time in the a320 than the Queen, but I find the autopilot in the former way more intuitive. The data is either selected or managed…that’s it. The Airbus autopilot is way “cleaner” if that makes sense.

What is your preference and why?

I use the FBW A320 more than the Salty 747. The A320 is indeed much more automated, and requires less pilot intervention when changing flight phases, slowing for approach, etc. FBW even has autoland working with dual AP’s engaged.

But, with that comes a little more boredom. You need to ‘fly’ the 747 much more, taking control of descent, speed, approaches. That can be more fun at times.

I like them both. I tend to fly the FBW A320 mainly because it’s a much more refined and developed mod. Given more time, I wish the Salty developers well in continuing to improve the Queen.


I’m just waiting for the VC10 and then we’ll get a real autopilot :grin:

Or a DeHavilland (HS) Trident. - although less chance of this I think.

I just don’t get any enjoyment at all from flying an FMC based aircraft.

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When flying airliners I prefer Boeing’s, I don’t like all the automation and like to “fly” them as much as possible, so Boeing for me. Though I don’t fly airliners all that much, maybe a few times a week.

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Boeing is almost as easy when you get used to them.
The AP has as much functionality, just done differently.
These default Boeing ones are not the best representation.
I would suspect PMDG’s will be impressive.
The part I do like better about a Boeing is that the FMC pages lead to the next one.
In the airbus you have to know what button to press, and if you miss one when you are setting up the MCDU preflight, you really don’t notice until you start to go.
With the Boeing, you complete one page and the bottom of that page takes you to the next.


True! That is until you learn DIFSRIP :grin:


I learned basics on 747, so it seems a lot more functional to me - it is a lot easier to use on PC. As for other devices - idk. Today I’ve decided to fly on A320, and besides several annoying things, not related to AP itself, they both seem pretty good. But I will choose Boeing’s just because I’m very familiar with it

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I think it’s a matter of what you tend to use the most. The Airbus I find is less hands on. Program, point it, and pull up to the gate when you get to your destination. Maybe that’s why I find GA turboprops to be challenging to fly! :joy:

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Hehe which is all over the place, really.

Much easier to type on the real MCDU though, especially the old quick Talis ones.


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