Aircraft Carrier Global LVFR

Has anyone tried the Aircraft Carrier add on for Xbox? Any issues?

I decided to take a chance and purchase this product, since it was cheap and I really wanted aircraft carriers.

They are exactly what is described by the vendor and most important you can take off from them and land on them. Though there are no working booster or cable to aid in take offs or landing. Hopefully they can add that later.

The ships are modeled decently but not overly detailed. The radar systems do spin, I liked that touch. The flags are terrible, lol. The deck elevators do not function, again this would be a nice touch if they can get that to work.

I do like the other static aircraft on the deck and runway lighting at night.
Overall I am happy with this purchase and give it a solid 4/5 and it’s awesome to have aircraft carriers.
One note, I had to re-start the game after downloading the pack for it to show up. No frame rate hit and I had no issues so far. :+1:
Now for the gratuitous photos


I purchased aswell. It’s not bad. I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing. It’s nice to be able to land on a carrier while I play on my series x. I’m sure they will add stuff to it later. I had a lot of fun landing the junkers on it. Challenging but fun

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I bought it. Really disappointed there isn’t a cat launch or arresting system yet (should have read the description more closely). Hopefully that’s added in ASAP because the F-18 is coming in a couple weeks.

The flight deck itself looks decent. Not incredible but not bad either. I noticed several spinning instruments on the bridge seem to be spinning crazy fast. Maybe it’s like this IRL but it looks odd to me.

Do the ships move or are they static scenery objects? I recently downloaded Aircraft Carrier group (freeware onto my laptop which does similar). Would be good have on XBox though.

They are static ships

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I agree they need to look at this, but nice to see movement.
I think that the larger ones should spin a lot slower but the smaller ones do spin faster IRL from my recollection. But it’s been a long time.

It would be handy if Microsoft indicated the possibility of inbuilt carrier functionality at some point, and moving landable surfaces too.

I stared at their Top Gun preview and couldn’t figure much out. It would be very silly if they didn’t.

As it stands it’s not going to happen on Xbox as all the existing offerings require a PC only external program.

The Indiafoxtecho F35 is launching just after the FA/18 and that will have its own catapult function built into it but again I presume that part will be PC only.

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Yeah even the freeware Aircraft Carrier Group on PC need a helper program to get catapult and wire on carriers. It’s called “Kinetic Assistant - a SimConnect utility that covers missing simulation or gameplay elements of the Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)”

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Not working for me. Can’t take off from any of the carriers.

What happens for you? What plane did you try? Which carrier?

I can’t throttle up. The engines rev then go back to idle. Happened with Cessna 172 and Citation, tried a couple of different carriers (Queen Elizabeth and Harry S Truman). Same problem all the time. I can take off from land based airports so its not the sim as a whole?

I will try those planes and carrier

I tried those planes and carrier, no issues for me.

Thought it might have been the HOTAS but have the same issue with controller too. Weird

I tried the Citation and no issues either.

Hi, if you can’t throttle up its because you have “assisted takeoff” enabled under ASSISTANCE.

Also please make sure you have crash detection “Disabled” please. The sim will not recognize the carrier as a runway, we hope the SDK is updated in the near future to allow for this.

Our apologies


Are there plans for a catapult system and arresting gear? If so, when can they be expected?

Yes it’s planned. Whenever the SDK allows us to do this.


I’m not sure why this doesn’t have better reviews on the store! I enjoy messing with these things a lot! 5 stars for me.