Aircraft ground handling still drastically unrealistic

I agree, I was a real life pilot in the 1990’s and have also been a flight simmer since the fs4 days.
The flight dynamics for the default light aircraft are reasonable but ground handling is way too twitchy. It’s a major issue that needs sorting out or, in my opinion, it’ll remain a game not a simulator.

Why have you adjusted the neutral point for your rudder pedals?

Good question … I can’t remember :grin:

But I think it was to add or remove engine torque in the Solo or maybe the Arrow III … I’m used to it now so I’ll let it be

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Yes, I do.

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For me, turning right/left is a big pain when I’m on the ground with big airliners. the rudder works much better with the smaller planes. so when I fly big airliners, I let AI handle taxi. :confused:

Try taxying on water with live weather :rofl: BTW if you want water rudders to work on the Craft Cub and Skyhawk here is the answer… Is it normal that the Cub Crafter X Cub - Floats can’t steer on ground? - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I wonder- any chance this will get addressed in SU6?

The patch notes have been posted, so if it has it should be there.

Just so everyone knows when stumbling over this thread:

Asobo mentioned in their last Q&A they are aware of a friction issue on the aircrafts wheels and they are fixing it.

Friction was not well simulated and most likely it will be improved in SU6.

Hopefully :grimacing:

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Q: could you please describe that ? “twitchy” ?

With default GA aircraft the take off roll is much too sensitive to rudder pedal movement, despite adjustments to the “in game” sensitivity curves. In my other sim, the X plane 11 take off roll is fine, it’s definitely an MSFS 2020 problem, an issue reported by many simmers out there.

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I agree. There a ww2 flight sim I fly regularly that I never once needed to adjust the joystick sensitivity. It worked day1 right out of the box.

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Let’s hope so. Taken to flying 747s to avoid lurching all over the runway after touchdown.

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This isn’t the thread for it, but there is a ton of info and help for configuring peripherals. It will depend what you have, but a good driver like SPAD next will solve nearly any issue.

The twitchiness of the aircraft on landing is annoying, but hardly a show stopper and a fix is on the way. Also made worse I should add by the live weather consistently making the wind too strong (it seems to treat real world gusts as the base speed and then add some in SIM gusts on top of that. Can make for some very interesting landings!

Fortunately this issue is also in the pipeline for improvement and we can look forward to our GA aircraft not snaking around on the ground like demonic possessed things when the wind is blowing.

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I didn’t see anything in the patch notes. Did I miss it somehow?

Probably not, as they may not have addressed it yet. Things have got missed from patch notes before though, but I doubt it will be touched.

Are you still having issues staying lined up on takeoff?

After @hobanagerik stepped up to the challenge and posted a video, I haven’t seen too many comments related to the initial concern. I was curious if you managed to get the lack of control squared away.

I will accede that they have some serious issues to work out with some of the taildraggers. I have a fair amount of RW experience in the Pitts and I cannot safely get it into the air in the sim since the last adjustment. That said I fly with an old Sidewinder twist stick and have made NO adjustments to the sensitivities since day one, and am quite glad Hobanagerik did a video for you. Saved me the trouble. I cannot find any significant fault with the ground handling during takeoff with any of the nose wheel aircraft. If I had to pick something, it would be the friction model, rudder effectiveness and the transition between air and ground physics.

Without engaging in a wind discussion, (even in real life the wind is what it is. Whether it is right or not, it is the pilot’s control inputs that determine what the plane does. Deal with it.), weathervaning, p-factor, gyroscopic precession, even slopes on the runway, are always conspiring to send an aircraft careening off into the parking lot. Planes are not meant to be driven. From the moment we release the brakes to the moment we pull the mix, it is our responsibility to fly the plane. Even when it is on the ground.

Do we need some improvements? YES. Rudder effectiveness across the board is far too weak. Once the aircraft is rolling, it really should not take very long before we have positive directional control even if we don’t have a nose wheel. IRL, I can lift the tail on a S/Cub and rotate almost in place, using just propwash. Yet I have a difficult time keeping the tail in trail with wide open throttle in the sim.

Try “one wheeling” any aircraft in the sim. It is nearly impossible. It is almost like there is a switch that says, if a wheel is on the ground the plane is no longer flying, it is on the ground. There should be no difference in the physics. Just because one wing can no longer descend because it’s wheel is on the ground does not mean the plane is no longer a plane.

I guess my point is that, while I agree that there are some unrealistic aspects to the ground handling, I would not use “drastically”. Is it possible to track the centerline on takeoff? YES. (except taildraggers in some cases). Is it possible to safely land on the centerline and track it while decelerating? YES.

You being a real pilot should realize that one of the greatest control surfaces we have in real life is no longer available to us in the sim. The “seat of the pants” is what allows for control inputs before they are needed. Once centrifugal force is allowed to accelerate we are doomed and only our butts can tell us when that is about to happen. You have to find a new sense in the sim to replace that. It is only possible thru subtle visual cues. Focus, concentrate and hone that.

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I saw the video, it was a headwind, almost dead on the nose. I want to see a taildragger with any cross wind. Can’t be done. I apologize but I should have clarified tail wheel.
And to be honest, he didn’t exactly track centerline, close but not quite. I respect your opinion but I don’t think you’ve done a very good job proving your point. Try the Xcub, 5 kt (mild) crosswind, and hold centerline just like you can in real life. I await your video with bated breath haha.

edit: BTW, I haven’t tried since I posted the topic Sept 4. I’m assuming nothing has changed but forgive me if it’s been addressed.

2nd edit: I agree with your post, very good comments.

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I think I was pretty clear that there are issues with taildraggers…

I would like to see that video replicated in real life. Any instructor would be happy to check mark any of those T/O or landings. If the sim is as bad as some insist then @hobanagerik must be an exceptional pilot to have accomplished what he did in the video.

I proved my point quite nicely. With some practice it is quite possible to overcome the lack of “butt input”.

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