Airfield beacon visibility distance?

I’m flying around northern Canada and Greenland and it is so snowy white I could do with the airport beacon lights being more visible from a distance, but they only appear about 3nm out. Can I change anything to make them visible from further away, please?

Don’t know if it helps beacons, but this sure improved all other AP lighting.


I don’t know if beacon visibility range can be modified through the SDK, if so then a custom airport could be created. I’ll let users with SDK knowledge to provide feedback on this.
There is not such option in MSFS menu but a wish exists to improve the overall beacons visibility:

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I know there are some I can see from much further away, at 3nm you would be so close you didn’t need the beacon.

But there are some that seem finicky about showing up at all.

On a route I commonly do in the sim, there is one I spot once airborne at 22 nm. But I feel like my destination airport doesn’t seem to show until much closer.

I kind of wonder if it’s a LOD issue.