Airport Design Editor for MSFS

Some folks have shown an interest in ADE for MSFS. The internal tools have a lot of good things about them but we are working on an MSFS version. It is slow progress but I offer a screenshot of ADE displaying the MSFS base airport LIPZ

There is still a way to go but we hope to be out of alpha and into beta by the new year


Good news. Are you able to set airline codes to the parkings like in FSX?

Great job!

Yes - but how well they work is something else. A lot of things from FSX still appear in the schema for MSFS but do not do anything in sim. There are also a lot of new things


Great work, another important piece of the puzzle is coming into view!!!

thank you!

Can’t wait I need to fix KXNA dirt taxi way that was being replaced is now open again!!!

Will it be able to import custom elements, such as those we build in Blender or Sketchup?

It can use custom glTF models.

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Thank you!! I’m available as a tester if needed! :grin:

Great News indeed. I managed to build two “personalized airports” using the SDK and build in tools…but having used ADE in the past it was an extremely frustrating experience :smiley:

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Feel free to shout up if you need beta testers. i know i for one would help.

Hi Jon, having done only a very small amount of ADE work in the past, I’m more than happy to be a beta tester if you’re looking for the input of a less-experienced user. Couple of airports I’d like to touch up.


Thanks to all those offering to help test. I am hoping there will be something to test in a few weeks time

Using till August all versions of ADE [spending hundreds hours] i am available as a tester
Best regards

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I would love to use ADE for MSFS scenery design, as I used to do in FSX.
I have created a couple of airports for testing in MSFS, and the process is horribly slow. Designing scenery in the SDK is done within the game itself, which means that every time you want to see the results of any kind of scenery design edit, or to re-compile the scenery XML file, you have to load the game, which takes three full minutes on my PC. My experience with ADE for FSX was that it only took a few seconds to load ADE, so you could do editing quickly and run the compiler to de-bug the XML file without having to load the game. FSX was a little faster to load than MSFS is, maybe 2 minutes instead of 3, but that’s still annoyingly too long if you are having to do frequent re-loads of the game to check the effects of edits. Doing scenery design in MSFS is taking me at least 4 times as long to do the same amount of work as I used to be able to do in ADE. And then there’s the issue of users having to figure out how to use the SDK by trial and error, because the documentation for the SDK is months, if not years, away from being complete. It would be a godsend if the BGL compiler for the MSFS SDK was available as a stand-alone program, so that at least I could use it to de-bug my XML files without having to load the full game every time.

There are a couple of features I’d love to see in the scenery, if it would be possible in MSFS to have these: Hanger door that open and close. I think these were in Runway 12 if anyone here ever used that add-on back in the day. I just fired up Runway 12 - first time since 2011 according to the file dates in that folder - and not to my great surprise, it can’t sync to the position of my aircraft in MSFS in order to place scenery. The static hot air balloons in Rwy 12 were fun. too.

I eagerly await ADE for MSFS.

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Jon…you the man…

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thank you. if all goes well then I am hopeful for a public alpha before Christmas day


As promised the first public alpha for ADE 2020 is released today. For details and download link please go here: ADE 2020 Public Alpha Release | FSDeveloper

I would also ask that you report any comments, issues or suggestions on FS Developer. If you are not a member there then you will need to join.

Thank you and I wish you all a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2021


I am not able to install/set it up, nothing happens when I have unzipped all folders/files in a folder and initiate as admin the ADE 20.exe?