Airport Hangars - height issues (auto generated)

This has been the case for quite awhile and apparent at many airports. I have seen this often at US, non-major hub airports. The general hangar type should be in the 15-30 foot (5-10m) height range. What I am seeing in many areas is hangars about 20m high. This could be a units issue in your building config file for this type. Thank you for your great work. Example here: KBZN (notice appropriate hangars in the distance.)

I concur. The autogen hangers do appear untypically tall at many smaller airports.

another one KEUG:

Indeed this is true for LFLG for instance !

About half the hangars at 7S3 are significantly larger than in real life.

I fear this will not be addressed. There appears to be no further action by ASOBO. It seems really weird to me that they jumped on fixing the height of a very specific type of apartment building that occurs in only a very specific region of the world. But this generic hanger type that occurs everywhere? - not so much.

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I have voted… definitely deserves a fix…

Asobo, in one of their earlier Twitch Q&A’s, addressed that this is an issue they will fix, Clearly they haven’t gotten around to it yet. It may seem like a small issue to them but, the ai airports are already a bit odd but these huge commercial airliner size hangers ruin small airports that much more, to the point of it being both an eyesore and an immersion killer.