Airport Runway Lights Off During the Night - Séries S

I have noticed that when I fly at dusk, when I land at my final destination, the airport runway lights are off. It happened in Amsterdam, Malpensa and now Cardiff. Xbox Series S here.

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Give a brief description of the issue: No runway lights (observed yesterday in the airport LHSM (Hévíz–Balaton Airport in Hungary). I am playing also on Xbox Series X. (don’t use any Mods). Connection with the internet was stable whole the time

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Dear Support Team,

It is the first time I am contacting you. So I wanted as first to congratulate and at the same time to thank you for creating this (in my opinion) one of the absolutely most amazing video games ever. Its actualy more than a game. I regulary observe the development of the game and wait with impatience on new World Updates and see how big work all involved people/developers do, to make the simulator still better.

But now back to my issue I want to report.

I was flying yesterday with Cessna 152 from Czech Republic (Ostrava) to Hungary ([Hévíz–Balaton Airport – LHSM). I prepared the filght in detail before, by using a inofficial VOR map etc. I am still not a very advanced player, so I was really happy that the flight was going according to plan. After maybe 1,5 hours I knew, I reached the region of the destination airport in Hungary. It was 10:00 PM CET so already night conditions. Although I knew, I did make everything properly and I am close to the LHSM airport (according Wikipedia one of the biggest Hungarian beton airports at all) I couldn’t see it anywhere from my cabin. I was flying around maybe 20 minutes, then finally I decided to use the VFR map (what i always try to avoid) and got really frustrated after I noticed, that I am flying whole the time over the airport, but I just don’t see it as the runway don’t have lightings!

Finally I landed somehow, but my fun from this flight was really destroyed. Today

I wanted fly to my actual travel destination – Croatia. But I think, I will let it. I lost my fun to continue this expedition.

Please check this problem and if possible, let control other beton runways in the game, so that in future nobody’s lasting several hours work and preparations, finish due to similar issues in frustration. What would be if somebody would fly from Scotland to this place and would crash there, only because the runway don’t have lighting. That are then many hours of lost time.

I decided to created this item, as I didn’t find any bug report about this airport in the forum here.

Thank you for checking it

With kind regards


Sorry for not knowing how to properly describe the problem. My English is pretty bad.

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Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

This is a long standing bug. Runway lights are off during night flight landings. I’ve tried this at several airports. (Photos attached of landing made in Brussels). Also, airports are extremely dark.
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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Options > Display position)

I don’t know how I can report this, I’m terrible at bug notifications and my English is bad.

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Standard ILS landing, Airbus A320 with 4simmers livery. I think that’s it.

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Xbox here.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

I have been struggling with a similar issue and have no clues how to resolve it. Departures airports are ok with all lights, but destinations aren’t. I’m using developer Mode but made no changes in it (only for FPS)

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For me the problem appears randomly: sometimes (sometimes not) when I approach to an airport at night ALSF lights, PAPI, and runway lights are turned off so it’s impossible to land in that conditions. I don’t have any clues of what is causing the problem. I have experienced this issue with different destinations as SCEL, SCQP and SCSE.

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Here I provide some screenshots of how lights looked in my last approach:

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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The light problem still exists. Most on Nord/Scandinavia Airports. 99% Norway. But also Italy, Germany, and generally Europe. No matter if it’s default scenery or pay-ware. (Yes they are all up to date, incl msfs game) Incredible how annoying is it. Msfs looks good, and that’s all. But bugs like that, come on!? Without PMDG or Fenix, this game (cause it’s not good enough to name ‘‘FlightSim’’) will die 6 months after release. There is no support, there are no fixes, there is nothing. Thank god, those other people, and the community helps. But of course, most important thing is, that money is OK in a Bank account from Asobo or whoever is a Boss of this Comedy.

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This issue still exists 6 months after the original bug was reported. This issue is doing my head in and I’m sure I’m not alone can you please fix the issue as it really does ruin a flight. It’s every single airport you arrive at when it’s dark and there are approach lights but no runway lights you should have had this issue fixed by now.

Also while your at it can you also fix the gauges going black that has been reported to you countless times months ago that you also haven’t fixed.


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Still exists! Airport runways lights off in night

Airport: SAZM

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I also have this problem on Xbox S. Runway lights are not visible when landing. The problem has started since the last update. They have solved many serious problems, it is more stable, but now we have this new big problem. And they don’t answer, which is the worst, they don’t even tell us when they will fix it. My patience is running out. I have spent a lot of money on the game like many of you and now I can’t fly at night… Too bad.


I confirm I just flew from Lille to Brussels on arrival everything off, runway, taxiways, approach lights etc etc
to say that it is also an old problem with the lights off on third party scenarios, but not all, usually flights made with ifr or vfr flight plan

i always flying with JANET airlines from/to Las Vegas to Homey Airport KTXA as known Area 51 top secret facilities base and I operated real time schedule I going fly out at 3am there no runway light on and taxiway and mosty dark only see vehicles in/out traffic and building lights on at night also there another airport such Tonopah Test Range KTNX also no runway light on either so I would like report this to feedback on Xbox Series S/X to fix this issue if possible would much appreciated

Same Problem here.No runway lights at destination.

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Is someone looking into that issue?It is almost impossible to fly at night.


still this is an issue come on Asobo \ MS

Just bought xbox series s and msfs 2020 and so have the latest version. First night flight to EGPH, arrived and no runway lights! Managed to land but only because of the G1000. Blue taxiway lighting, but no airport lighting making taxiing very difficult. I see from this forum that this is a known bug at numerous airfields. Come on Microsoft it’s a pretty fundamental part of a flight simulator to have working approach and runway lighting!


I agree
it is a problem that has been manifesting itself for a long time, including the issue of floating lights, the strange thing is that it only occurs after completing a vfr or ifr flight plan
for now it does not appear in any resolution plans

Still continues after su12.

Before i incorrectly said that Kuala Lumpur is broken. It is actually Kualanamu ( WIMM).

It has no lights at all at night.

It does have lights on google maps.