Alaska weather - clouds disappear between 0600-1500UTC

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Between 0600-1500UTC there are no clouds visible over southern Alaska. Performing a tour of 30 flights in southern Alaska and 5 days in a row the same behaviour is experienced regarding clouds between those specified times. As from 0600UTC clouds start to dissapear (also very noticeable on the weather radar) and it becomes sky clear about 15 minutes later. All other weather parameters remain correct (wind / temperature / pressure). As from 1500UTC the clouds start to reappear again. Has nothing to do with the current weather in that region, it has been very cloudy and rainy between the 25th till today.

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25-26-27-28-29 May 2023 between 0600-1500UTC

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start the sim between 0600-1500UTC, select departure somewhere around Anchorage

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Hi, i am pretty sure if someone takes the time to check they will be able to reproduce, but no worries, a couple of flights remaining and i am out of that region.

This is at Valdez Airport. Same thing at Seward (PAWD). Clear skies in both cases. However, weather is accurate at Ketchikan (PAKT). I slewed from PAKT north toward PAVD. About 200 knots north of PAKT the skies turn clear.


Same issue, Anchorage (PANC):

Live Weather:


Found that related topic, I am gonna check if I have clouds outside of the mentioned hours, could you also check on your side ?

Interesting, it is now 19:03 UTC and I have clouds at Anchorage:


Last week, before I started posting about this problem, I checked to see if the no-clouds issue was just a one-day glitch. I logged onto PAWD around 2000Z. There were clouds, and I thought the problem was fixed. The following morning, no clouds. I checked Anchorage this morning and sure enough, no clouds. This is definitely impacted by time of day. I wish they’d fix it.


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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Yes, on Cloud Gaming

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Tested at PAVD(Valdez) and PANC(Anchorage) at ~13:30UTC, in-game METARs were for overcast cloud and rain. Clouds are absent as far as you can see, there is no precipitation either (due to the lack of clouds?). Clouds are starting to appear in the middle-distance again at 15:15UTC

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

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Glad to see I’m not the only one in the same boat (plane?).

However It’s currently 18:10 UTC and I’m flying from PACV to PANC. No Clouds. Not sure this is really time related?

18:30 UTC and I have clouds at PACV. Do you have Live Weather “ON” in your data configuration ?, do you have clouds in other locations ?

Live Weather is ON and is working fine on other locations of the world.
Currently 09:50 UTC and no cloud at PANC.
METAR PANC 140853Z 01005KT 10SM BKN070 03/02 A2936

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Took of from PANC and flying to PAOM. It was supposed to be overcast all flight long. I got clear sky until a certain point (163m from PAOM) where clouds started to show like there is a border or a protective dome :smiley:

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Interesting enough someone else (same region: Europe servers) was doing the same flight as me and he got clouds at PANC. So I guess not everyone is impacted.

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Maybe what you are showing with your screenshot is related to this bug that I know a fix has been implemented in a previous SU. In some locations or depending the server you are connected to, the issue could still happen then (if same issue).

I am in Portugal and use the Western Europe server and fly most days at 15:00 GMT. I tend to fly out of Homer PAHO and around Anchorage PANC with Live Weather turned on but always get clear skies. I have tried turning Live Weather off then on again but it makes no difference. METAR reports are always accurate but I never see clouds. I have tried other parts of the world and do get clouds so it seems to be southern Alaska that is the problem for me.

More often than not Fairbanks PAFA has clouds.

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Went flying today at Homer PAHO using Live Weather and actual time of day. The weather should have been overcast as you can see from the METAR but I had clear skies.

Flew to Fairbanks PAFA which took 76 minutes and the skies were clear all the way. Wind however was correct.