Albatros L-39 Pilot - Crew Legs

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PC When prepare L-39 for flight, pilots legs protrude under the cabin - see atteched picture
After SU 7 when I bought L-39 in the Marketplace

My L-29 looks like it’s being flown by Fred Flintstone. His hands stick out of the side of the aircraft, while his legs and feet stick out of the bottom. Besides all the new (included) planes, I also purchased the P-51A, P-51D, AT6 and the L-29. All the other aircraft are fine; I’m only having this issue with the L-29.

Any thoughts or ideas on how I can fix this problem. (Or animate the legs and feet for takeoffs. :wink:)

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You know, for a self launched hang glider, that looks pretty sporty.

Incidentally, the aircraft is the L 39 Albatros. The L 29 was the Delfin.

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Not only that, the rear pilot is wearing civilian clothes when set to default in the pilot avatar options.

Please tag your post with #pc and/or #xbox.
Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version?
Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
Just regular
Brief description of the issue:
The picture says it all
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Loaded up Air Racing to try out the jets and well this is what happened. I have to say I have the sudden urge to scream Yaba-Daba_Doooo!!! everytime I pass a pylon, however I’m not sure my pilot’s legs are strong enough to stop the plane when I land.

Microsoft Store version
Not in Dev Mode
Happens Everytime

Ryzen 9 3900X, RTX 3070, Windows 10 (latest version), 32 Gb DDR 3200 Ram, 1Tb M.2 drive, 3Tb Sata Drive

Latest Build of MSFS 2020

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I have the same problem BUT only with the single seat version; similar PC setup as the others have described.

Let me confuse the issue even more. I purchased BOTH models of the L-39. I only have this issue with the single seat model. Everything is fine with the two seater.

[ Now all we need is a good Fred Flintstone paint scheme for both. ]

Now it would be interesting to see the LOD00 .gltf and see what the pilot model they link is on each.

Perhaps take a copy and try to change the name from the 2 seater to the 1 seater? Something like PILOT0 might be present.

Unfortunately I haven’t bought the pack so I can’t have a play there myself.

Oh please someone do a Flintstone car livery on the side of the aircraft! :rofl:

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Yes clearly another sign this product was rushed…BUT…this is one glitch that keeps making me lol when i see it, so there’s that silver lining…


Today I purchase from marketplace in msfs20 the L39, to my surprise I see a pilot in the plane with arms and legs OUTSIDE the aircraft. Whats going on ???

Well, now we can walk those clouds:))) The first step to drivable avatars?:)))

As a temporary fix, in options ->misc you can change your pilot, copilot, and instructor pilot models to “default” and the next time you load the L-39 it should be fine. This will show the pilot models that were intended for the Albatros (with fighter helmets, oxygen mask and flight suits etc), and they won’t have any limbs sticking out.


Thanks, but it doesn’t work either

Do you see the pilots with flight suits and helmets after setting them all to default? It doesn’t work unless you restart the sim afterwards sometimes I find. After that it should stick.

I do that but not work for me… Thanks a lot anyway Maybe the reason is that I only buy the l39 Tumbling goose and the T6 Undecided

Once with pilot avtar on custom I had empty cockpit but after restart again same issue, arms and legs outside, changed to default again but no succes

Maybe but still waste of money although cheap, think it should be ok when one buys something on msfs20 marketplace.

To add to my comments, is Microsoft working on this problem ???

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