Alder Lake i9-12900k

Hi all, I’m looking to go for a new CPU to upgrade from my i7-7700k @4.8 currently matched with 32G and a 2080ti. I’m considering the 12900k which ships next week here in the land Downunder. I’m hoping to get some first impressions of how well this goes with MSFS in VR. be especially keen to see how well it works with a Reverb given that’s what I am fortunate enough to have.

Let me know your thoughts when you have had a chance to set things up please.


Already ordered mine. I have a G2 and I’m upgrading from an i7-8700k. Hoping to have a boost in smoothness and fps, specially under LODs higher than 200, which is limited by mainthread.


Be great to see how you go, what GPU are you running and are you planning on using Windows 11. I may be wrong but perhaps I read somewhere that the combination of this new chipset and Windows 11 may provide better resource optimisation.

I’m using a 3090, yes, I read that too about Win 11, guess I need to update soon.

I’ll tell how it performs


Awesome. Which motherboard and cooler are you going to use? I am trying to figure out if my h150i will work or if I will need some sort of adapter plate.

I have preordered 12900k, ASUS ROG Z690-F, and 32GB DDR5 Corsair 5200mhz.

I currently have a 9700k OK to 5.0, 4000mhz ram and an ASUS ROG Strix 3090 paired with my Reverb G2.

I considered picking up the Upcoming VARJO Aero, but figured this was a better move for me, for now.

I will also update with my performance.


Some boards will have elongated holes to use older coolers, depends on which model you get.

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What sort of performance are you getting with that kit right now? Will be very interested in seeing some sort of “before/after” performance review once you have finished the upgrade.


I ordered a Asus TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS D4 and a MSI MAG CoreLiquid C240, it supports LGA 1700 socket. Never used a water cooler before, hope it goes well.

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You are doing it right…sparing no expense is the best way to go for VR.

For those triggered by the $ barrier to VR, if you have a good performance in VR now then hopefully it will only get better.


Hope all goes well for you. I am curious how it performs aginst the 11900k/Z590 league.
I hope to see real msfs benchmark comparisons soon.

And huh, its pricey. 700€ here are, eeehm, whopping!


More cores, more Threads, more smooth


Missed the pre-orders, but hoping I can snag a 12900K soon. Pairing it with an ASUS Z690 Strix-E motherboard and an EVGA 3090 FTW3 (and Reverb G2). Curious if we will see some decent DDR5 soon. Hoping for the G.Skill Trident. Also need to figure out if my Corsair H150i cooler will fit. I know the motherboard has slots and Corsair sells taller standoffs, but heard there may still be issues. Suppose I will have to be patient!

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This isn’t going to be a popular reply, but I think any i9 is overkill when it comes to MSFS. For the money spent, I don’t think you are going to see any significant advantage from the extra cores in an i9 vs an i7. Core clock has been king in all the different flight simulators for a long time. MSFS is no different.

I didn’t post this to start an argument. It’s just my opinion based on many years of IT support and flight simulation. Just consider it another piece of information to help make an informed decision.


I’m moving for the faster memory and storage channels.

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I trust that you know more on this issue than I do, hey most people do right but will DX12 possibly change things down the track presuming that Asobo, in time, takes greater advantage of multi core options?

Keep in mind, I’m coming from a 7700k @4.8GHz and using a new build for other sims including DCS and P3D 5 all in VR.

No such thing as future proof but I’m hoping that I can make my rig ready for the next big thing after the Reverb whenever that comes out as I am not going back from VR.

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Genuine question, because I don’t know but do you have reason to believe that will be worth it or are you, like me simply trying to prepare for what may be yet to come?

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You are almost right when you bring price/performance ratio in the calculation. Coming from an 200€ 8600k@5.3Ghz moving to an 480€ 11900k last spring does not bring me an equivalent performance boost. But for an software like msfs, when, especially in VR, every cycle counts, I am happy with the 20% I got from the upgrade. Together with the 30% I got from the 2080ti → 3090 upgrade (the math goes even crazier here….) this bring me from barely playable 20fps to almost comfortably 30fps.

If you ask me that 200€ per fps are completely insane my answer is yes but if you you ask me if it was worth it I will answer yes too.

For someone coming from an 7700k as the topic author who skips 4 generations I say „all right!“.


When you’re out and about in VR and working with lasso, each core helps more.

Nope, I upgraded my oooooold ASROCK Z370 board from a 8600K @ 4.8 to 9900K @ 5.0, hardly a difference (and a graphics card, and a PSU 1000W),
after which the hole process of loading, playing, browsers, utility’s, ALT-TAB, VR, etc is way smoother