All I Can Say Is "WOW"

AIG Air-Manager + AIG Traffic-Controller is a game changer.

It takes a bit of time to get installed / setup and quite a bit of time (hours) to download all the flight plans, aircraft, etc… But it is worth it if AI is important to you.

I’ll try and take some video tomorrow but here is what I was able to experience this evening.

  • Full AI ATC communication (clearance, push back, taxi, departure, etc…)
  • Pushback of Aircraft
  • Taxi of Aircraft
  • Takeoff / Land of aircraft (including taxing to gate and jetway movement)
  • Lights (both external and internal with illuminated cabins
  • Landing gears retract on takeoff
  • Integration with ATC (you’re number 2 for departure, etc…)
  • No “generic” call outs from ATC. “Air Canada Rouge 5488” “Air Mexico” etc… for all the ones you download.

It should be noted, this is for airliners and turbo props (Q4), it does not have GA.

Well worth the time!


And its the core game that brakes it!


  • slow moving taxxiing
  • unrealistic take off and departures
  • ultra slow taxiing after landing
  • go arounds due to blocked runways
  • ATC calls to change altitudes forever

AIG changes the game!

Its time to Asobo to fix the broken core after more than a year now.

The awesome work of AIG sits on a broken fundament.

Please see this extensive thread for ongoing discussions re. this add on :wink:

Closing this as a duplicate.

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