All praise to the Asobo

I would just like to say thank you to Asobo S.à r.l. for creating such an amazing game or simulation experience (however you self-identify). It is so good that S.a.r.l. might as well stand for Simulation of actual real life. This might be the most ambitious project in human history, and like the pyramids and the Panama Canal before it, it has not been without its challenges. But Asobo has fought through those challenges and deserves infinite praise and respect for even daring to try something so monumental.

Call the blood bank! This game is so bleeding-edge that I’m about to exsanguinate. Asobo has pushed modern technology to the breaking point in this title, practically having to invent novel programming language just to complete it. The never-before-seen graphical techniques have resulted in a true-to-life experience. I just looked out my window and saw a thunderstorm, except that I got my window confused with my computer monitor. Turning to look out the actual window, I saw the exact same storm! Wow!

I can’t speak for anyone else on the forum, but my experience with the game has been flawless - no bugs, no crashes, no download hiccups. No joke, I’ve talked with my local Bishop about beatification for Sebastian Wloch. The game is a modern miracle.

The prospect of the next ten years of development is so exciting that I can hardly wait for the next patch. Great job Asobo, keep up the spectacular work!

(this post is neither sarcastic or a coerced response to a recent change in forum rules)



That was short lived.


Hey! No negativity. Asobo is amazing.

I don’t see any constructive criticism in this thread. Surely it will be closed in a short manner.

I agree with everything from the first post. Although not being perfect…what Asobo has done is simply awesome. Congratulations and keep up improving the sim!


Here here!

Asobo, thumbs up!


Non-constructive, and trolling.

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