Allow direct access to the marketplace for trusted 3rd parties

I posted this as a reply to an official post on the msfs reddit, but I’m not sure if that is read so I’m posting it again here.

I’d suggest to allow direct access to the market place for trusted 3rd parties so they can update their stuff any time whenever they want without needing to submit it to MS/Asobo first. The way it is now will always be too slow. Perhaps you can do a quality test on the initial release, but after that a patch should be instant.


Having a middle man will definitely always slow the release process down which has no positive effect.

MS has already vetted the developer and original content at this point and giving the developer direct access is better for everyone. It’s easier for the dev to push quick fixes, better for the community who receives more personal and faster support and the icing on the cake is that it should save MS resources as it means less work for them.


It seems like there is too many steps just to download something that cost only $ 30.