Allow FS Realistic to roll the camera in turns

FS Realistic is the addon that adds the feeling to be in an actual airplane which moves and vibrate, but It doesn’t have the possibility to roll the camera when the aircraft is rolling like it does in XPlane.
That’s a shame, could it be implemented in MSFS2024?


This should be under 3rd party.

Hi @INoooch ,
Your topic has been moved to Discussion Hub Tools & Utilities . The Wishlist category is only for 1st party (Asobo) development requests.

I’m in search of this effect since the begining of MSFS… I Understand that it is not possible due to SDK restriction…

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Actually, I just saw a video and Seb was describing this in FS2020. So it should be there. I know the camera rolling has been tamed alot since launch. Many said it was too strong. So guess they cant please everyone.
I suppose people that want the tilt stronger, they can do the opposite.

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I watched the video, the process is good for anyone who wants to disable the tilt/roll head movement, but the opposite seems not to be possible…
But thanks for sharing

I don’t agree, at FlightSim Expo, Jorg came with a lot of 3rd party teams which are now part of the sim to bring their expertise. So that’s what I was calling for in this post, but maybe I wasn’t clear enough.
Could this request be translmitted to Jorg?
Thanks a lot

Thanks for the explanation. Maybe I missed it in the 2 FSExpo videos or an official communication, but where did you see that FS Realistic was gonna be part of the sim ?

No, just saying it would be a great idea to bring them to the sim!
Or at least allow them to unleash their features in MSFS 2024 like they do in xplane

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How about a “Camera Tilt effect” ON/OFF option in 2024, rather than having to mode each aircraft separately.

A little more TLC for Cockpit Builders and AM users,

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Agree, would be great to have them into the sim. Meantime, enhancement requests for 3rd party cannot be posted into the Wishlist . So maybe rkapps devs are reading that Tools & Utilities forum or even better if they have a similar forum on their site or a ticketing system, you can always place a request directly with them.