Allow instructor to fly alone

It would be nice if you would allow us to have better choice of pilot and crew. I would like to fly the single engine aircraft with just the instructor as the pilot.

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I agree!

There’s another thread on this, too: Question about available pilot avatars

Thanks for pointing out the other thread on available avatars. Sometimes I just like to make videos with the pilot alone. They should correct the fact that we can not currently pick a lone individual with our chosen ethnicity and gender. Happy flying Buffy. Hopefully we will soon be able to fly solo.


Yay, we get to vote on this now too! \o/ :small_airplane:

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Yeah…this would be nice…so the way it is currently the person flying in right seat weighs 0.00 pounds lol? This is the pre-release screenshot. Obviously someone decided we should never fly solo.

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In Wishlist, we try to have one request per topic. Your post about having other choices for pilots has been addressed in another Wishlist topic, below:

Additionally, you may want to search for tag:avatar for additional pilot avatar topics.