Allow keybinds for all g1000 soft keys, knobs, buttons

Really quite unbelievable that this still is not sorted.

Makes you wonder if the devs ever actually fly any IFR, or if they just wander around the sky admiring the wonderful scenery.

It’s like they simply don’t realise the need.

This request is now 15 months old.


Later: I now realise that OBS is implemented for GPS waypoints in the NXi, but still not in the G3000.

Guess I’m a sorry peasant playing this on XSX.
No plugins for me.

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Yup I am the original poster of this request. It’s been a long time. I am especially surprised that this has been on the development list as being developed for over a year and still nothing. I didn’t think it would really be too hard to implement. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


The Xbox has added so many more users and I’d put good money down as well.
Like Real Sim Gear stuff, but the support is not great.

We can only wait and hope.

Still not possible in February 2022.

Many SimConnect events are available from FSX, but none is doing anything in MSFS (tried with SPAD.neXt).

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I am using almost all the functions of G1000 with spadnext. You have to install the LVAR bridge to be able to use softkeys, knob… The last time I tried you need the alpha version of, maybe now you can do it in the normal version (I don’t know, I am using the beta version).
Check this video on how to activate LVAR bridge:
(Sim Video) SPAD.neXt Alpha and LVAR Bridge Configuration - YouTube

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Yeah, I was enthusiastically supporting this a year ago, but have since moved on and found other ways to connect my hardware. I feel it’s usually best to use generic joystick interfaces on the hardware with the “official” configuration options, but can only wait so long.

@cacrawf (and others), you can do as @frikkivan said. Then you use the AS1000 LVAR events. There are separate ones for PFD and MFD.

Works great.

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Yep. Totally understand that these and other well-made (and often free) add ons work around this. My original hope with MSFS was that I’d spend more time flying and less time patching and managing add-ons. It’s much better than it was with FSX!

One up in replies :slight_smile:

Not only G1000 buttons ALL buttons please.

Days later… tried SPAD Next with LVAR (what ever it is…).
It works perfectly every single button! Jeha, nice! Oberaffentittengeil!

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This is not good. This went to “Not Planned” in the latest feedback snapshots.

March 10: Started, 2022

March 17: No feedback snapshot

March 24: No feedback snapshot

March 31st: Not planned, 2023 (?)

April 7th: Not planned, no more dates in the feedback snapshot

This is the stupidest thing for a Sim to not possible to assign buttons!
Key bindings is a major thing in Sims! I do not understand that.


It just seems odd that almost every other button in the cockpit is assignable, the “technology” exists since 3rd party software can do it, yet they won’t add it in? Can we get any insight into this?

see what hardware G1000 — QG1K PFD/MFD can do?

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useless in VR :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

“…it’s coming…”, anon, - Sept 20
“…it’s been solved…” anon, - Sept 20.
I have all the key autopilo functions mapped to my custom rotary encoder button box (arduino pro mini powered) but really want to map the crucial map zoom button to a spare rotary. (G1000 & G3000) Please dont tell me its coming!

Does that work on xbox?

Just replying to bump this. Has there been ANY update? It seems ridiculous for very BASIC functions like zooming in and out of a map, or hitting the ENT softkey doesn’t have an assignable shortcut key. This seems like day 1 type of functionality, not year 3.


It’s still “not planned” in the latest dev update: [BLOG] October 13, 2022 Development Update

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Come on guys, why are we permitting the keypad bindings?