Allow us to mute music when updating

Ok, need to update, afte downloading a bunch to begin with, np. OK, got to now download an aditional 90+ gigs of stuff, NP. Gonna take hours, and cant listen to music, wtch videos/movie, while waiting for hours on my pc, because the MUSIC WONT STOP, over and over and over repeating over and over and over! NOT OK, if your gonna make me DL some stuff for hours, and cannot stop the music you decided would make me calm as I do so, for its not making me calm, its making me want to stop this for I cannot take another several hours of this elevator music running on loop, same stuff over and over again, and to make it wose, I cannot mute it, so I HAVE to mute my speakers, and turn CC on with youtube and read whats said, because it runs in the background with any and all other audio you may want to listen to. You have literally made my pc useless for the next several hours as it is downloading over 90 gigs of added stuff to my hard drive…WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

This is ticking me off sooooooo much, I had to make this thread on it, for I see no where on this dl screen where I can tick of this ■■■■■■ music that isnt calming me in the very lease, while this thing, called my pc, I cannot do anything with!

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You can mute the specific app in the Volume Mixer in Windows. To get there, right click on the speaker icon on the bottom right of the taskbar, then click Volume Mixer, and you can mute the game there.


If you was here, Id be kissing your feet, for I couldnt take much more of that, and didnt think of doing that at all. BUT that said, they need to just making it on that screen where you can mute it, without all this. I know it wasnt much, but I been going on well over a hour getting very upset, not calming at all, and deciding do I want to take much more of this, and being able to play this game with my account really worth all Im going through right now, when its only got 2 1/2 stars out of 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll second the request. I muted it in the volume mixer, but not everyone will know about that or come here to find out. And muting it in volume mixer means also muting any notification tone when the update finishes.

Hey :slight_smile:
Considering how long we’re spending on the patch/install screen due to the large size, I love the fact its a window by default so I can carry on with life/whatever I am doing. However, its got the music…which isn’t bad. But I want to just minimize the window and mute it or have the sound only active when the window is active/selected? Likely dead easy to sort out and would make multitasking during this long process much much better.

Thank you!

Since minimizing the launcher, starts the Microsoft Bitcoin Mining ransomware (hence the high GPU/CPU stress for doing nothing visible) it is not recommended. Better shrink the window and work beside it.

The sound can be muted by using the default Windows Sound Mixer in the system tray.

How is there not a mute on the installer? If the game is going to take 2+ weeks and counting to install, there is a slight possibility customers will get annoyed having to mute the thing in the mixer settings.

Content manager needs to occur after I can change audio settings.

I have a fairly low speed connection, so downloading the 100gb or so of data for the game is taking a pretty long time. It is frustrating that the music plays and there is no in software way to disable it when I know it may need to run for many hours to finish the download.

I also know that I will need to adjust many of the other game settings, and it would be best if I could do that before downloads commence.

Yes I know I can mute the program, but it would be nice to just set the music off.

The music gets old VERY quickly when having to download updates.

Right click the speaker at the bottom-right of your start bar.
Click “Volume Mixer”.
Drag the volume for MSFS down to nothing.
Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over.



You can go into the sim settings and turn down the music volume.

We need a MUTE shortcut Key

Right click sound icon > sound mixer > mute FSMS

I have just now spend about 30 minutes having to listen to that awful and repetitive intro music, while updating.

I always turn music off in menu’s and while playing. I like either silence or ambient sounds. I realise this is pre-menu, but do we even need music there at all? In a repetitive 15 second sequence, no less…?

It’s annoying, please ditch it.

Turn your speakers down or off during the update…


I turn it of via sound mixer during long downloads on PC.
But would be nice to mute it on the load screen.

That issue is fixed in the patch you are downloading. It’s in the change log.

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+1 for the MSFS Mute possiblity… :crossed_fingers:

I already HATE the music. We need an option to just TURN IT OFF! It is totally impractical to turn it off in the Sound Settings and not hear anything from the Sim when you are trying to learn how to use it. We need everything but the music.

I watch tutorial videos on my 2nd screen, while having the sim running, so I can apply what I’m seeing on the other screen.

With FS open on one screen and the tutorial video open on the other, that totally inane music is coming from BOTH SCREENS! That’s happening right now as I try to learn how to use the autopilot.

It’s unbelievable that the developers would subject all of us to that. I’m biting my tongue here to avoid making a really nasty comment.

Even the folks kind enough to make tutorial videos can’t shut it off when going through the flight preparation steps where they often pause and explain something …it just keeps coming as background to their explanation while emanating non-stop from the sim. A couple more weeks of this and I’ll be checking in to a mental institution. Can I sue if that happens??

Is there some way to take a poll on this??