Aloha , any recommended addons for Hawaii ? Mahalo

I like them both, to be honest. I think there might be an overlap with the Moloka’i airports, but to be honest I’d have to check. I think they both do a good job. The PHOG by Northern Sky is really, really good - and then that PHMU. People inside the terminal? C’mon! :slight_smile:

I’ve interacted with both sets of developers. They’re all good folks, and I’m happy to support 'em!


I read a few reviews that say this created more problems than it created, ie: artifacts and other weird things. Any thoughts on that?

A couple of the smaller airports like HI01, HI13, and HI25 have rollercoaster runways. I think the 10m DEM might be causing them, as I had a friend without the DEM check out HI01, and it’s was perfectly flat. What I need to do is go through all the Hawai’i airports and see which ones have problems. It’s gonna be a bit of a project though, ‘cause my MSFS flight time is limited. I will see if I can get started on that today. Once I have the data I will figure out if I need to contact Taburet or what.

The bigger airports, and even stuff like PHUP, PHMU, PHSF all seem to be ok though. As long as you don’t fly into places like HI01 all the time I say it’s worth it. Especially for O’ahu, it adds definition to the Ko’olau Mountain Range (I see it all the time so I’m pretty familiar with how it’s supposed to look.)


Hello: I would be grateful for member’s opinion on the best Hawaii scenery for MSFS, pay ware or free…Thanks a lot!

Waikiki, HAWAII » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii » Microsoft Flight Simulator

This may be of interest… Aloha , any recommended addons for Hawaii ? Mahalo - #9 by Latka

I have several including the Flyndrive4D (which has duplicated some payware airports I purchased but you can pick and choose what to install). All the packages are all good. Just keep in mind that flying over Hawaii doesn’t quite capture the real world magic of it.

Follow-up on this one. I got a message from Ray Taburet regarding the 10m Hawaii DEM. They’re actively working on a fix, and it should be out “soon.” Now that folks are coming back from the Holidays break I would imagine we’ll start to hear information again from all our developers! :slight_smile:

Oh - FS Elite mentioned today that the Aerosoft Twin Otter (DHC-6) is being released for MSFS on the 19th of January! Head over there for a little more info (pricing too). I used to dispatch DHC-8-103s for Island Air out here on O’ahu. When I got there in 2002, unfortunately the DHC-6s had been retired. We had an all DHC-8-103 fleet (4 lines, 5 aircraft). Many years after I left, Island Air even took delivery of a couple of DHC-8 Q400s. Island Air shut down in 2017. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for a proper Island Air livery!

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Happy New Year everyone!

Any updates/news concerning Hawaii and airport addons?

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Good day

Hawaii mesh is all been fixed and made compatible with any airfield you like to install
lanai upgraded to 5 m resolution
The updated package is already available


I know of one in development, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say anything yet.

Still waiting for an accurate PHNL to hit the market, whether it be freeware or payware. I think the last one I checked out was missing the new Hawaiian Air terminal (where the old interisland terminal was, that was demolished and construction started in 2018. Just finished late last year). I’ve not been to the airport since the pandemic start (on the HAL side) so I haven’t seen it :frowning: It looks nice from the freeway / Nimitz Ave though.

If you like flying in Hawaii, I can recommend the Taburet DEM + Water for Hawaii. I’m in-between computers at the moment, so I haven’t seen the update for the DEM yet - They fixed a handful of airports that became rollercoaster runways :smiley:

Ooh - there’s a DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter from Aerosoft coming Soon™ - that’s important because my first airline that I worked at, Island Air (WP), flew them. Unfortunately they were phased out by the time I started in 2002, but I’m for sure grabbing it and finding an Island Air livery! (I think it’s coming with a wheeled & float version) Here’s a WP bird:

When I get my new gaming rig up and running (this week, please Thor) I will get everything installed and snap some shots of Hawai’i with everything I am using. I’ll have to link to the payware stuff off-site, but will make sure to post that link here.


Ooooh, a secret! Hopefully it’s Kona!

Waiting for PHNL as well…FSDreamteam should be making their’s, but it’s a bit behind schedule according to their forums. I am not aware of anyone else making one.

Thank you so much for all the great info!

You are most welcome. I like helping out where I can (I work for a Technology Consulting Services Company, so it’s kinda what I do all day) - especially when it comes to Hawai’i stuff for MSFS!


Great info Latka. I’m flying via an Xbox Series X, so I’m stuck using only the official Marketplace.

That being said, there’s only a handful of airports available to me and I’ve picked up a few, but I hope more gets released to the Marketplace eventually so I can experience some of what the PC folks currently have access to.

My dream (that’ll likely never be realized on Xbox), is seeing a bunch of 737s in Aloha Airlines funbird “flower power” livery at the terminal!

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Oh trust me, I am right there with you! Milviz has shown a WIP 737-200 before, so I know it’s out there - I asked for an update in their discord, and they pointed me to the #announcements channel. :frowning:

I’d love to see more early jet airliners period. It seems like right now it’s a stream of new models of 737s. :\

Carenado did a Shorts-330 for FSX/P3D (not sure about Xplane, didn’t check) - I asked them if they were going to bring it over to MSFS, and they said they plan to bring their entire catalog over… so, it’s a “when” not an “if” I think. HAL had 3 Shorts-330s (and then there’s TransAir who flew them and the -360) out here out of PHNL. :slight_smile:

Ok, because I’m a nerd, here they were:

  • N371HA, Delivered in 11/'78, removed from service, 08/79. It was named “Pikake.”
  • N372HA, Delivered in 01/79, removed from service, 04/84. It was named “Pua Melia.”
  • N373HA, Unknown service daes. It was named “Pakalaua.”

I even offered money to Carenado to help finance the 330 coming to MSFS. :laughing: Unfortunately, they turned me down politely.

(edit) - I verified with Ray Taburet that the Hawaii 10m DEM is updated and on all servers you can get it from. All the “roller coaster” runways were fixed as well as some other fixes. Lānaʻi has been updated to an even better resolution, 5m!


Since installing the 10M DEM I’m getting weird artifacts off the Napali coast.

Rolling back tomorrow to verify.

Check you have latest updated version

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Yeah. Like @BoilingCaesar4 said - are ‘ya up to date? They did release an update that fixed all the airports. I went through the whole state and logged which ones were in need of a tune-up. I think they were already working on things, but I emailed the Taburet folks, and Ray Taburet emailed me back saying they were working on it. A couple of weeks ago, someone posted the update was indeed out and on the various sites.

(In other news…) I got my new gaming rig together, and the m.2 NVMe Gen3 SSD (4TB, from ADATA / XPG) was dead on arrival. Tested it today to confirm that was the case and got a RMA to send it back. Didn’t want another one of their drives, and at the 4TB size, I was finding very limited choices. Ended up going with the same size, but a Gen 4 drive from Sabrent. Lots of really good reviews on them. It was several hundred dollars more (just under $800 with taxes and such) but I am confident I’m going to be happy with it.

Hope to be back up in the virtual skies flying my virtual cabbage around by this weekend if all goes well!

I just re-downloaded and installed from but the Manifest shows v 1.4.0.
I will test and see if anything changes. Thanks.

EDIT: After reinstalling, the artifacts are gone. Mahalo!

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Hey Hawai’i gang!

Just a heads up if you weren’t already aware. - they released their DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter today! Here’s Aerosoft’s blurb that came in the email to me this morning:

Aerosoft brings you 13 model configurations of the go-anywhere DHC-6 Twin Otter for Microsoft Flight Simulator, each with its own flight dynamics:

  • DHC6-100 Floats Passenger
  • DHC6-100 Wheels Cargo
  • DHC6-100 Wheels Passenger
  • DHC6-300 Amphibian Passenger
  • DHC6-300 Floats Passenger
  • DHC6-300 Floats Passenger Short Nose
  • DHC6-300 Ski Cargo
  • DHC6-300 Tundra Wheels Cargo
  • DHC6-300 Tundra Wheels Passenger
  • DHC6-300 Wheels Cargo 3-Blade Prop
  • DHC6-300 Wheels Cargo 4-Blade Prop
  • DHC6-300 Wheels Skydiver
  • DHC6-300 Wheels Passenger

MSFS checklists are implemented and the aircraft feature a complete avionics stack, Wwise sound set with close to 300 spatially placed sounds, complex icing modelled on almost all surfaces, functional de-icing systems and fully featured fuel systems.

I knew there was going to be a wheeled and float version. I must have missed the Ski,Tundra, and Skydiver versions…most in -100 and -300 flavor. Cost for me was $34.99 USD.

I’ve heard there’s been some grumbling about the plane (but honestly, what MSFS release DOESN’T have people complaining?) - I decided I’m going to pick it up regardless, because Island Air (WP / Callsign “Moku”) here on O’ahu flew 'em from 1980 to (I think) 2001. I got there in 2002, and they were gone by then. I asked one of my buddies that flew there on the Twin Otter. Because details are important, I will make sure to find out. :slight_smile:

So you’ve probably figured out by now the reason why I want the Twin Otter is that they flew here in Hawai’i. Now I just need to hit up my livery designer and have him make one for the community. I’ll let you all know when that’s released!

Aloha Kakahiaka (good morning) from Kāne’ohe on O’ahu!


Aloha, cool to see this thread! im in Hawaii also and would love it if MSFS did a world update to the Hawaiian Islands/pacific Oceanic region. Honolulu really needs a facelift and pretty much all of the islands. seems like Hawaii got neglected from all previous updates. im on xbox series x and I really wish Waikiki would look more realistic. I know pc has a lot of cool addons (Waikiki etc). I’ve got some south oak airport addons but can’t wait for a PHNL scenery. hope something comes soon enough, aloha and happy flying