Altimeter Setting Incorrectly Displayed in Window of Various Altimeters

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Yes & No. Tested both.

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Altimeter window setting doesn’t align with altitude setting as indicated by tooltip and/or when pressing “B”. Certain models of altimeter are far worse offenders than others.

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Here you can see with this model of altimeter (seen here in the DA40 TDI, but utilized by most Asobo steam gauge aircraft), the indication is off by .01 In. Hg.

This is the worst of the Asobo aircraft – ICON A5. 30.00 doesn’t even show in the window, at all.

Second party MS/Carenado aircraft are unique in that they have two 30.00 settings, each displays a different reading of the needle. Most settings have a single value, but there are some that have two. The V35B has two for 30.12, for instance.
Model 17

Model 18


3rd party aircraft are no exception.
Big Radials Goose is the worst and the one that led me to this issue. They claim that this hadn’t come up in testing.

247D is unusual in that the tooltip isn’t the same type as the other aircraft with the setting displayed.

PMDG got it right in the DC-6

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Set a fixed value of 30.00 In Hg in the Weather. Turn on tooltips. Load into an aircraft with a steamgauge altimeter (steamgauge backup gauges do this too). Note the discrepancy between the setting and the displayed value in the window of the altimeter.

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I feel like I’m the only person flying this simulator who is actually setting their altimeter via the setting in the window rather than just pressing “B” or by using the tooltip over the altimeter knob (I have tool tips off all the time other than for illustrative purposes in screenshots).

I’m finally getting into the helicopters included in the 40th Anniversary Edition and they are out of sync with what they are supposed to be reading.

Why has such a basic aspect of one of the most important instruments in the entire aircraft been completely overlooked by the developers and those responsible for marking bugs “Feedback logged” or “Bug logged”?

No? No one else is perplexed and/or bothered by this?

It’s just me and two others based on the 3 votes.

Here’s the altimeters from the G2 and 407. The G2 is basically accurate at 29.92, but as it is moved further away from 29.92 it grows exponentially more inaccurate. The 407 is just plain inaccurate.